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Ulta-violet – China Glaze


Without flash & with flash.

I have been moving away from mainstream polishes lately, but this one was actually fairly unique to my collection when I bought it. 

It’s another pink-based full-coverage glitter that’s opaque in 2-3 coats.

A few weeks after this one came in, I tried a few things from new-to-me indie brand, Girlie Bits and ended up with an accidental almost-dupe.


As you can see, Witch, I’m Fabulous is a bit twinklier and holographier (which is totally a word!) than Ulta-violet, but on the nail they come off almost identical.

Pondering – China Glaze


Having tried and owned so much polish, I tend to be really picky. I think, by and large, China Glaze is one of the most overrated brands out there. Especially when you compare it with other brands in its price range. This shade, however, is phenominal.

First of all, the green/purple duochrome is lovely and strong. Much stronger than the photo. (Gettin’ better with the glitter, not so much with the holo and chrome!)

It can be a one-coater. I used two just to see if it would deepen the color. It did, slightly, but strictly for opacity’s sake, a second coat isn’t required.

It lasted much longer on my nails than other China Glaze polishes do, as well! Which is a plus!

Don’t Let The Dead Bite – China Glaze


A couple of days ago I mentioned a couple of China Glaze glitters that I actually like. This is one of them. It has a milky flesh-colored base with shiny red glitters. Perfect for Halloween. It was a limited edition last year, but a lot of mainstreams like this can be found if you scour the web. And they like to re-promote colors as well. At its best in 2-3 coats.

I Love Your Guts – China Glaze


I’m not China Glaze’s biggest fan, but there were a couple of polishes from last year’s Halloween collection that I love. This one is a red base with red shimmer and matte black glitters. This is one coat. One. I only wear it this time of year, but I highly recommend it if you can find it somewhere.