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Mask Monday – Berries, Lace, and Me as a Bear

I’ve done a little masking!


This is a cream one. It smelled of strawberry. There was a slight cooling, tingling sensation. I rinsed it off in the shower, and afterward, my skin felt very soft. Not awesome, not terrible.


I just want to take a minute to appreciate that Hey! Pinko Girl has the most adorable packaging ever. I feel like I need to say something positive about it because I’m about to…not.

I think this might work for someone who has a smaller everything than I do. It’s a relatively thick cloth mask that’s literally lacy so there are lots of open air spaces. The mask has two sets of ear loops – one that holds the mask to your face, and one that holds the neck strap on. That’s a lot of stuff behind the ears. I couldn’t wear my glasses and, even though I felt like I could have used a silicone mask cover on top to keep the essence from evaporating due to the lacy texture, there’s no way I could have fit one on with the ear loops I was already wearing. I felt like this was fairly ineffective because of the actual construction of the sheet. I have a few more to use, but won’t buy more.


This one was lovely! My skin likes fruit essences and acids. The sheet itself was a medium thickness and was wide enough for my large face. It smelled like berries. There was a very pleasant tingle. It wasn’t drippy and didn’t dry out my face. Win!


And then there’s this guy. He’s cute, don’t get me wrong! The sheet was very rigid and difficult to mold to the face. It smelled very medicinal – very much like the Montagne Jeunesse sheet masks, which I didn’t like. It performed like them too. There was some burning on the tops of my cheeks – my usual trouble spots – so I took it off early. It was, however, adorable to look at before I put it on.  Afterward, however…



Mask Monday – The Body Shop and Lots of Sheet Masks

After the craziness of the past few months, I feel like I’m finally back to my regular masking schedule and my skin is grateful for it!


This sheet mask was okay! It was a little small, so if you have a big head or chubby face like I do, you may not like it. The sheet was medium in thickness. It smelled of fermented honey and there was a lot of essence left over that I saved and used throughout the week. There was no sensation with this mask.


One of my goals for the upcoming year is to use up all my non-sheet masks. I was feeling particularly dry mid-week, so I pulled this one out. It’s a cream mask, and definitely one-use only. I had to work to get enough out for my whole face. There was a lot of tingling – not something I associate with a moisture mask. Once I rinsed it off, it didn’t feel like I had used anything at all. Not recommended – at least not for hydration! However, I love The Body Shop’s Tea Tree mask for breakouts.


I scared the cat with this one, folks!

I didn’t expect this one to be black, even though it says it right on the packet. Although it fit really well, I felt a little sinister with this on my face. It got worse once I put a silicone mask cover and my glasses on, which is what I typically do. I loved this one, though. Good size, adhered well, enough essence, but not too drippy, the essence absorbed right away, and my skin felt awesome. Definitely recommended.


We need something cute after that one, and this egg essence mask fits the bill with its packaging! This was was very cold as it sat on my face, even under the mask cover. The sheet itself was smallish and medium in thickness. Afterward, my skin felt dry, but not dry. Which makes so sense. I think it may come in handy during the summer, when I sometimes get an oily T-zone.


And finally, I used a My Beauty Diary Natto mask. I’m very familiar with these. The sheets from this brand are thin and very drippy, but always leave me feeling mosturized.

Mask Monday

I have been reunited with my Dr Jart Sleeping Mask! While I was out of it, I tried out a couple of new things.


I had high hopes for the Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial. I didn’t like it back in October; I gave it another try last month, and it still didn’t suit me. It felt too heavy over all the layers I use at night. And there was a lot of peeling, but I’m not convinced it was dead skin. I think it was the product itself. I decided to pass this on. Maybe it’ll work better for someone who otherwise keeps it simple.


After giving up on the Korres, I remembered the Peter Thomas Roth mask minis I have in my mask drawer. Some of the gel kinds can be used as sleeping masks. I liked this one much better. I got two traditional uses out of this mini, and finished up the jar with a week’s worth of sleeping mask usage.

One of my goals this year is to use up more of my non-sheet masks and peels.


So, I pulled out the Ladykin Greenharmony Pear Mask Pack. This one had a lotiony consistency. It felt and smelled just lovely, and left my face feeling very soft.

I used up three sheet masks:


Both the Hanaka and the Urban Dollkiss currency masks were thin and adhered well to the face. The Shara Shara mask was a little thicker, but smelled divine. All moisturized nicely and none of them made me sensitive.

Mask Monday – Glamglow


Oh, Glamglow. So expensive. So luxurious. But is it worth the hype?

For me, not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, these were nice masks, and neither of them irritated my skin. But I didn’t see the kinds of immediate benefits other bloggers and reviewers seem to experience.

I actually used these together – the Thirstymud on the dryer parts of my face and the Youthmud on the t-zone. The Thirstymud’s texture was smooth – somewhere between a gel cream and a primer. It left my face feeling slightly softer, but because of all of the hydrating products I layer on at night, I couldn’t really tell what it truly did. The best I can say is it couldn’t hurt, but I’m not sure it helped.

Because the Youthmud was full size, I used it much longer and in a couple of different ways. I didn’t like it as a spot treatment. It didn’t make impending or already established blemishes develop or heal any faster than nothing at all.

As an all-over mask, it sure did tingle! Not painfully so, but folks with more sensitive skin than mine might have a hard time. It dried fairly slowly. It contains…leafy bits? Some sort of plant material that’s meant to aid in exfoliation, but I didn’t notice much of a difference. I’m an avid exfoliater, though, so someone who’s a novice might.

Novices, however, might shy away from the price. I got mine at T.J. Maxx for $40.00, but Sephora sells it for almost $70.00.

If you’re looking for effectiveness over everything else, I wouldn’t shell out the money for Glamglow. I have had much better results from Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay mask, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree mask, and Garden Girl’s Cookies & Cream mask.

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, though, Glamglow is an option. The jar is weighty, the box shiny and unusually-shaped. It calls you sexy. It has plant bits in it. The experience might be enough for some, but not for me.

Mask Monday -PTR, K-beauty, and Sephora

So, the gigantic monthly posts of product reviews seemed like a good idea when I started the blog, but they were getting a bit too long. So I’m splittin’ ’em up!

I have some masks that I used up last week that I really wanted to talk about. First up is the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask.


This was awesome, but very strong. A year ago, my skin wouldn’t have been able to take it, so if you’re sensitive you might need to work up to it. I wouldn’t use it in the morning because it makes me flush a bright crimson that takes a few hours to subside. I’m pretty ruddy anyway, but there’s no covering up that kind of redness! In the morning, my skin was soft and I did have a little bit of flaking that wasn’t sustained. A quick wash got rid of it.

I use 2-4 sheet masks a week, and I’ve found that I’m not too picky. I prefer sheet masks because I can wear my glasses (and usually one of those silicone masks covers), and do other things while the masks works its magic.


I would recommend the Sephora masks for anyone who can’t find big enough masks. I had excess on the edges. Having said that, I probably won’t buy more and I don’t like them more than less expensive ones I find on Amazon or get through Beauteque.

Speaking of Beauteque, I’ve gotten a lot of these money-style masks by Urban Dollkiss through that subscription and I really like them. They’re thin and stick to the face well.

And finally, Face Q It’s Real Aloe Soothing mask had a similar sheet style and was, indeed, soothing. It had enough essence left in the pouch for me to save and reuse.


I don’t like full-face hydrogel masks, but I don’t mind the patches. I don’t feel like the Tony Moly patches did much for my cheek redness, but the Sally’s Box lip patch felt wonderful

Yeah, I mask a lot. But I feel like my skin is much better off for it. I hope to be back next Monday with more masking goodness!

Mask Roundup – January 2015

I mask often. Sometimes daily. I have for a couple of years. I’m starting to experiment with more than what I can find at TJ Maxx or Amazon. Honestly, sheet masks and essences have become much more accessible and affordable of late. Here’s what I used last month!


Used the last of a box of Spa Life masks. They were fairly nice, but I didn’t find them to be as moisturizing as other sheet masks.


I bought a couple of masks from the Konad website when I got my last batch of stamping polish. Because if I see the mask, I have to try the mask. This one was all right. It didn’t have much juice in it, so I put one of those silicone face mask covers on it. It was very soothing.


This mask cost $9.00. I have never spent that much for a single-use mask before and, honestly, I’m not sure if it was worth it or not.

It was less like a sheet mask and more like a face-sized version of an undereye patch. Which made it much less messy than a sheet mask. But it was also less adjustable.  It was so not the size and shape of my face, so essential areas remained uncovered. Afterward, my skin felt very soft, but I’m not convinced it helped with moisture.


I used a couple of these this month. I found them to be extremely hydrating, and I could smoosh the mask around for a better fit than the Dr. Jart mask. They’re very moist – a bit drippy, actually, which for me is just fine. I rub the excess into my neck, chest, and hands.


And finally, I finished up this mud mask. I do a mud mask once a week, and found this to be a perfect one for winter. Even with my dry skin. It does have a manual exfoliating element to it, if you’re into that. But it’s just as easy to rinse it off.

That’s it! It was a lazy masking month for me. I’m expecting a variety box of sheet masks from Memebox and I’ve gotten a box of some of the same from a Taiwan company called Hey! (As far as I can tell. But they have extremely cute packaging.) Looking forward to trying something new!