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Skin Care Sunday – Some Serums & Clarisonic Weirdness

I finished off a couple of interesting serums recently!


Hydraluron is a hyaluronic acid serum, but its texture is closer to a gel cream, so it ended up being one of my last steps. Since I layer a lot of skincare at night, it wasn’t my favorite just because it was so thick. But it did the job just fine.


I didn’t think I would like this strawberry serum from The Balm as much as I did, but I really loved it. Its consistency is a that of a thick liquid, and it’s very strong – it gave me quite a flush and some heat upon application. I had some flaking overnight. My skin is better used to AHAs these days, though. I wouldn’t recommend this one for someone who’s an AHA novice.


I swapped out my Clarisonic head this month. This was one of the radience brushes. This was my second, and I’m starting to wonder if there are some manufacturing inconsistencies with this kind.

I bought them in a two pack. The first brush had a lot of give to it – so much so that I felt like I needed to help the device along a little. The second brush was much stiffer. It may have just been a weird one-off. I’ve been using the Clarisonic for over a year, and each sensitive brush head I’ve used has been like every other.

I used up several things over the past couple of months that I talk about all the time. So here’s a collage!


Pan That Palette Update – March 2015

Three months in, and I’m beginning to hate the sight of the darned thing. I have been rotating other single shadows and small palettes in, and concentrating on one shadow in this one at a time.


I have hit pan on Blink 1982. (Woot!) The problem I had with that one is that it’s close to the same color as the only matte mid-tone brown in the palette which is what I use to create my crease. Things got a bit muddy.

Actually, that’s my problem with this palette in general. At least with the way I do my eyes. There are three extremely dark shades that, when applied, create about the same effect on the eye. The stroke, moderato, and presto are too dark to be used as anything but liners in my everyday life. I won’t ever use the green or the silver. So that leaves me with a crease shade, and four mid-to-light shadows that I probably won’t ever use together.

I have to get more creative.


I did end up depotting the cream products and cleaning that part of the palette. It was just getting too icky. I particularly love the shade on the left, which is very reminiscent of my days as a teen in the ’90’s. (And yes, it is weird to be vintage now. But hey, my old green cargo pants from college are cool again. Who knew?)

I’ll keep plugging away. I would love to hit pan on the pink shade, Three Eye Blinded by the end of April. It’s almost invisible on the lid, so I might use it as a kind of top coat over other shadows.

We will be traveling at the end of the month. (Woot again!) I have been careening toward burnout at work over the past couple months, so some time away from it and just daily life in general will be a relief. I will not be taking this with me. Maybe that’ll be motivation to use it, since I’ll lose almost two weeks on the project.

Pale Girl Problems

I’m a very pale person. We’re talking fishbelly. Practically transparent. A quick comparison:


That’s my mom at the top there with a lovely light-golden skin tone. (Needless to say, I take after my Dad.) On the right is my sister-in-law who is a redhead with the beautiful even porcelain skin that goes with it. And on the left? My weird pasty paleness.

I have a really hard time matching foundations in general. My skin is neutral with an ever-so-slight yellow undertone that’s basically unnoticeable. But I also have a lot of redness to my skin.

It’s a pretty safe bet that, whatever foundation I want to try out, I’m going to want to choose the lightest shade available. But rarely is the lightest shade light enough. Let’s take, for example, the following eight foundations in my collection. I have applied them sheered out on the back of my hand, which is a match for my chest and neck.  They are all the lightest shades in their tones for their lines.


TOP L to R: Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying Foundation in Linen Cream; Smashbox Studio Skin 15-hour Wear Hydrating Foundation in 1.1 Bottom L to R: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Intensity 1.0; BareMinerals Bareskin in Porcelain Bare


Top L to R: Lancome Teint Miracle in 2c Ivorire; Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm. Bottom L to R: The Balm Time Balm in Lighter Than light; Konad's Irojie Floru CC Cream

I am all set if I want to impersonate a mutant oompa loompa next halloween, but they’re impossible to wear on their own.

I was particularly slayed by the Lancome as it’s the most beautiful of the lot by far. I have since found that Lancone has a 1N shade on their actual website that may work a little better. But the line starts at 2 in Ulta and Sephora.

I have found some shades that I can work with. And a couple that are pretty okay matches. The only thing I’ve found that was actually too light was a pure white.


Top L to R: L'oreal Visible Lift in 143 Soft Ivory; Andalou Naturals BB Cream in Natural Tint Bottom L to R: 100% Pure Super Fruits Healthy Foundation in Porcelain 1; Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous in 805 Ivory


Top L to R: Cover Girl Clean in 205 Ivory; It Cosmetics Ultra Repair Liquid Foundation in Fair. Bottom to R: Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm; Femme Couture Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen in Natural Buff


Clockwise from left: It Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair; Manic Panic Dreamtone in Virgin; Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundcealer in Fair

I like the idea of mixing those dark foundations with white, but the Manic Panic made my face burn. I have a couple of other white ones on order, but I fear it’s the white pigments that my skin is reacting to.

Am I the only one out there with this problem? Is is as hard to find foundations that work on the darkest end of the spectrum as it is on the lightest?

I may revisit this once I’ve exhausted all my mixing options.

Pan That Palette – February 2015

It’s time for a Pan That Palette update! I stumbled over the originator of this project, Amber F., on YouTube this month, and thought I would link to her. Just in case other project panners in the blogosphere might be interested. She has some really good videos on project panning and no-buys and how to keep motivated, among other things.

So, this month this happened:


I hit pan! Granted, it was the lash-to-brow color, but still!


So far, that’s the only one. I’m getting a nice little dip in Blink 1982. It’s got a lot of sparkle, so I’m using it as a lid color. My goal for this upcoming month is to try to hit pan on it. Allegro gets daily use as my transition/crease color, but it isn’t showing as much wear as Blink.

These are tightly-packed, pigmented colors, so one generally doesn’t need much. I have a feeling this is going to be more difficult than most other palettes I could have chosen. But I’ll stick with it!


I’m going to be using the face products until the end of time. The cream products are starting to look a little yucky. What I might do is depot them into a different container. This will keep them from ruining the packaging and make it easier to tell how much I have left to go.

Pan That Palette – 1 Month Update

We’re moving right along on the Pan That Palette challenge!


This is where I’ve been living this month. As predicted, here’s a nice little dip in Adagio. It matches my skin tone, just like W&W’s Brulee, so I use it from lid to browbone as a blending aid. Allegro’s been my go-to in the crease with the sparkly pink Blink 1982 on the lid. The Stroke’s been working as an eyeliner.


I’ve used all the shadows except for Lead Zeppelin. It’s not at all the right shade of green for me, and honestly, if it’s the only shadow left at the end of this, I’ll consider this project a success.



I’ve been cracking into the cheek & lip products since this is the reason why I chose this palette to begin with. Milly, obviously, being the favorite. Cream blush is best for me this time of year, so I should be done with these in a few months.

I’m sure this will have been the easiest month. I’ve been rotating in some other palettes to give me more options than just these. As long as I’m using the Balm Jovi, too. So far, I’m not getting too awful bored.

We’ll see what happens next month!