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Viv – Julep


This scattered holographic by Julep probably won’t stun those of you who are used to indie holos. I kind of think of them more as job interview holo. You notice it up close, but nobody else will.

You do, however, get a rich swath of color in one coat. We’re talking color-in-the-bottle one coat. I have since used other shades and they’re just as nice. My personal opinion as someone who likes holos so bright you can see them from space is meh. But it’s a good bet for someone who’s just getting into different finishes. I may try to use them for stamping.

Celeste – Julep


Celeste is a full-coverage glitter that contains mainly greens, blues, and bronzy golds. There are a few flashes of other colors here and there, which increases its versatility. I can see using this with a beachy sandy color, either as a topper or an accent nail.

I thought I had this opaque in two, but the photo makes it clear I should have used three!