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Pan That Palette Update – March 2015

Three months in, and I’m beginning to hate the sight of the darned thing. I have been rotating other single shadows and small palettes in, and concentrating on one shadow in this one at a time.


I have hit pan on Blink 1982. (Woot!) The problem I had with that one is that it’s close to the same color as the only matte mid-tone brown in the palette which is what I use to create my crease. Things got a bit muddy.

Actually, that’s my problem with this palette in general. At least with the way I do my eyes. There are three extremely dark shades that, when applied, create about the same effect on the eye. The stroke, moderato, and presto are too dark to be used as anything but liners in my everyday life. I won’t ever use the green or the silver. So that leaves me with a crease shade, and four mid-to-light shadows that I probably won’t ever use together.

I have to get more creative.


I did end up depotting the cream products and cleaning that part of the palette. It was just getting too icky. I particularly love the shade on the left, which is very reminiscent of my days as a teen in the ’90’s. (And yes, it is weird to be vintage now. But hey, my old green cargo pants from college are cool again. Who knew?)

I’ll keep plugging away. I would love to hit pan on the pink shade, Three Eye Blinded by the end of April. It’s almost invisible on the lid, so I might use it as a kind of top coat over other shadows.

We will be traveling at the end of the month. (Woot again!) I have been careening toward burnout at work over the past couple months, so some time away from it and just daily life in general will be a relief. I will not be taking this with me. Maybe that’ll be motivation to use it, since I’ll lose almost two weeks on the project.

Project 10 Pan 2015 – 2 Month Update

After my second month of panning, I now know why so many people work with a deadline. I don’t think a year-long rolling project is going to work for me. First of all, I like deadlines. I enjoy having a target to aim for. I know this about myself, so why I didn’t start with the deadline method is beyond me.

Second of all, I’m getting bored and want to play with the rest of my collection. (Because, honesty!)

So, I think I’m going to adjust a bit.

I’ll keep Pan That Palette going all year. That one naturally lends itself to supplementing with other things as I finish shadows up.  For Project Pan I’ll finish out the month without rolling new products in as I finish. That’ll be the end of quarter one. I’ll keep Project Product going through quarter two. Quarter three will be another Project Pan and four will be a product.

I think this will work better for me!

I decided to keep this month’s update simple since so many of the products are the same.


First up are the face products!

1) Trucking right along with the Andalou Naturals BB Cream. It’s difficult to tell exactly how much I have in there since the packaging is opaque, but I settled on the level after some tapping and squishing.

2) I transferred the Cover Girl Clean foundation into the cleaned and sanitized air pump bottle the NYC peptide serum was in. The triangular bottle and thick consistency was making it a messy pain in the butt to use. I’m still mixing it with a drop of oil and applying it over the BB cream, and that seems to work for my skin.

3) The Rimmel Match Perfection concealer stopped dispensing. I cut the tube open and scraped out the leftover product. It should last me another few weeks at least! (I have to admit, I bought another one of these today. It’s a dependable concealer, and I have a couple untrieds.)


4) I think I’ll be using this Meow Cosmetics mineral eyeshadow sample until the end of time. It takes so very little on the brush to get color payoff. I’m really enjoying it!

5) Better Than Sex mascara smudges and transfers on me so immediately and severely that it looks like I’ve been having some. I’ve been able to use this under a tubing mascara and that lets me get through the day without it melting down my face, but at the sacrifice of the wonderful things it does for my lashes. And I have two more sample tubes of this stuff.

6) Milani eye primer. Does the job and does it well!

7) I finally sharpened the eyebrow pencil! The beauty mark has never looked better.

8) Tough as Taupe. *sigh* Still struggling with this one. Especially since I bought a new Color Tattoo and was subsequently reminded what the actual texture of these is supposed to be like. I think I’ll try the saline-and-microwave trick. If I still hate it at the end of this project, it shall be de-stashed.


9) I’m enjoying the Julep gloss more than I thought I would. It’s a little too light, but sheer enough. Sticky, but not too sticky. I might consider getting this in a slight deeper shade.

10) And finally, I’m rotating in another lip balm. Burt’s Bees with coconut and pear. I got a four pack from my lovely sister-in-law for Christmas, and I want to get to work on them since they’re natural.

Finished Products
Rainbow Honey Lip Balm
Nyx dewey finish setting spray
Korrres face primer
Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame rollerball

Pan That Palette – February 2015

It’s time for a Pan That Palette update! I stumbled over the originator of this project, Amber F., on YouTube this month, and thought I would link to her. Just in case other project panners in the blogosphere might be interested. She has some really good videos on project panning and no-buys and how to keep motivated, among other things.

So, this month this happened:


I hit pan! Granted, it was the lash-to-brow color, but still!


So far, that’s the only one. I’m getting a nice little dip in Blink 1982. It’s got a lot of sparkle, so I’m using it as a lid color. My goal for this upcoming month is to try to hit pan on it. Allegro gets daily use as my transition/crease color, but it isn’t showing as much wear as Blink.

These are tightly-packed, pigmented colors, so one generally doesn’t need much. I have a feeling this is going to be more difficult than most other palettes I could have chosen. But I’ll stick with it!


I’m going to be using the face products until the end of time. The cream products are starting to look a little yucky. What I might do is depot them into a different container. This will keep them from ruining the packaging and make it easier to tell how much I have left to go.

Project Product 2015 – One Month Update

I did pretty well this month with products, finishing up four and cycling in four more.


1) I only use this stuff once a week. When I work through a bottle of shampoo, there’s 3-4 bottles of conditioner to go along with it. I don’t think I can use this as my only shampoo and conditioner, but it’s good for occasional winter moisture needs.


2) So, I’m not a bath and body works girl. I don’t find that their shower gels get me very clean and their lotions aren’t particularly moisturizing. At least not for my body chemistry. I’m using it on my legs and torso where I don’t need it.


3) Burt’s Brightening moisturizer. I’m using this in place of a primer. It’s not silicone-based and it’s a bit sticky in texture. I haven’t been using it this way for long, but today’s foundation looked pretty darn spiffy.


4) Trucking right along on the exfoliating mask. I really enjoy it!


5) I may or may not be using the eye cream on other things to try to use it up. I have been mixing this with argan oil to make this moisturizing enough for my eyes.


6) Getting close to the end on this lovely NYC Skincare peptide serum.


7) I really enjoy this bottle of argan oil. I use it for just about everything; hair, skin, and nails. I’ve had this bottle for over a year, and I’m anxious to finish it up so I can try something new.


8) More Burt! (He’s one of the few natural-ish options in local stores.) Spring and Summer come early in my part of the world, so it’s time to start finishing up some of my richer skincare like this cream cleanser. It’s nice and thick, and I haven’t been Lizard Woman this winter. So, go Burt!


9) This moisturizing clay mask from Garden Girl falls in the category of “I want to use it up because I like it so much.” It’s a natural product and I’m afraid if I wait till next winter, it’ll go bad. So I’m cycling it in!


From the look on that guy's face, that must be some mask!

10) And even more masks! I have learned something about myself. I am a sheet mask girl. After masking regularly for a few years, I’ve discovered I’m too lazy to use anything more than once a week that requires extensive rinsing. Now that Korean skincare is becoming a Thing in the states, sheet masks are now way more affordable and accessible. So these have been languishing in a drawer. I just need to use them. I’m lumping all of these together to make one product: 5 Montagne Jeunesse masks in Strawberry Souffle, 1 each from the same brand in Mud Pack, Very Berry, and Dead Sea Mud for men. 1 Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask, 1 Anti-blemish mud mask from Look Beauty, and 1 Que Bella anti-aging goji berry mask which terrifies me a bit because one of their other ones burned. Might do a patch test first.

Finished Products
Beauty Secrets Non-acetone nail polish remover.
Jeffrey James Botanicals The Cake mud mask.
La Fresh makeup wipes.
Bath and Body Works shower gel in White Citrus.

Project 10 Pan 2015 – 1 Month Update

I’m one month into my project pan. I’ve made lots of progress on some things and on other things…well…not so much.


1) Korres Face Primer – I’m so close to finishing this up! One or two more uses and it’ll be done.


2) Milani Eyeshadow Primer – Making steady progress here!


3) Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer – This is the concealer that doesn’t end! I have been using it under the eyes and down onto the cheeks. It does a really good job at covering redness there without settling into pores there.


4) Ofra Eyebrow Pencil – I haven’t even sharpened the darned thing. I don’t like it for much, but I do use it to darken my beauty mark when it fades under foundation.


5) Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe – I’m really struggling with this one. The shade is much, much cooler than my camera makes it look. It makes my eyelids look bruised because I can’t get it sheered out enough. It’s starting to get too crumbly to work with.  I have been lining my eyes with it and topping it with black shadow. I think I might give myself till the end of March and if I’m still dreading the sight of it in my makeup bag, I’ll just let it go.


6) Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – This stuff transfers like a mother. On me anyway. So many mascaras do, so I can’t judge it on that alone. The first time I wore it to work I ended up looking like a football player by lunch time. I love what it does for my lashes though! To try to make it work, I’ve started to pair it with some tubing and waterproof mascaras that I have open with inconsistent results. I have something else in mind to try!


Last month.


This month!

7) I made fairly good progress on the lip balm, if I do say so myself. I have never finished one before. Never. In 36 years. I may have myself a squee when it’s finally gone.


8) Slowly making my way through the BB cream. It’s very moisturizing and has a nice texture, but it’s just too dark for me. So…


9) …I’m using a foundation over it! This Cover Girl Clean is almost the right shade but it’s drier than what my skin likes. Pairing it with the BB cream and a little oil makes for a nice finish. I figured I should just cycle it into the project.


Julep Lip Gloss in Adored.

10) I very rarely buy lip products on purpose, but somehow have ended up with a bunch. To try to use them up, I’m going with a first-in-first-out strategy. This gloss came in a Julep box before we were able to customize. It’s sheer enough that I feel comfortable slapping it on during the day and sticky enough that it stays on fairly well in between breaks at work.


11) I’m cycling in one more product because the primer will probably be gone before this goes up. This is a mineral eyeshadow sample from Meow cosmetics that will gow with the palette I’m panning.

Finished Products
NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray
Rainbow Honey Rollerball in Frozen Flame

Pan That Palette – 1 Month Update

We’re moving right along on the Pan That Palette challenge!


This is where I’ve been living this month. As predicted, here’s a nice little dip in Adagio. It matches my skin tone, just like W&W’s Brulee, so I use it from lid to browbone as a blending aid. Allegro’s been my go-to in the crease with the sparkly pink Blink 1982 on the lid. The Stroke’s been working as an eyeliner.


I’ve used all the shadows except for Lead Zeppelin. It’s not at all the right shade of green for me, and honestly, if it’s the only shadow left at the end of this, I’ll consider this project a success.



I’ve been cracking into the cheek & lip products since this is the reason why I chose this palette to begin with. Milly, obviously, being the favorite. Cream blush is best for me this time of year, so I should be done with these in a few months.

I’m sure this will have been the easiest month. I’ve been rotating in some other palettes to give me more options than just these. As long as I’m using the Balm Jovi, too. So far, I’m not getting too awful bored.

We’ll see what happens next month!

Taxes, Star Munchkin, and Sean Connery’s Brother

Even though it was a short work week, we were hoppin’, and the patrons were in rare form. One of them quoted Confucius to me after learning that the tax forms aren’t in yet. A tiny girl sang the Magic School Bus theme to us at the front desk. Another child grilled me so intensely about the law that prevented her Nana from getting a library card for her that I almost did it. But my favorite was the fella who, when he realized why we count our reference questions, proceeded to ask me as many as he possibly could while he checked out his books. Thirteen questions, to be precise.

The Hubster and I both took yesterday off to celebrate 18 years together – a day we’re referring to as Nerdaversary 2015. MST3K was marathoned, SWTOR was played, The Hobbit was watched and the board game store was visited. It was a fun day!

Things I Learned This Week
The definition of perfidy. (It means treachery and deceit.)

Sean Connery’s brother, Neil, starred in a terrible James Bond ripoff in Italy in the ’60’s. Called Operation Kid Brother. His character’s name was Dr. Connery. (Yes, really.) It kind of made me wonder if this is what inspired Steve Martin to make Bowfinger.

Things I Taught This Week
Tax questions were big this week which, mostly, I can’t answer. Each year becomes a bit more frustrating as fewer and fewer tax resources are available in print form, and arrive to us increasingly later in the season. So many people in our community are older folks who refuse technology or don’t have access to it so we end up taking the brunt of their frustration and anger which leads to us having to teach tech to someone who adamently doesn’t want to learn it but has to in conjunction with their most stressful annual task. April can’t come soon enough.

Coming up this week around here, I’ll start posting some project progress updates and we’ll take a look at January’s nail art and books in addition to the swatches.

In the meantime, I’ll be getting the place ready for game night! We’re trying out Star Munchkin this time. Have a great weekend!

Project 10 Product 2015

And the fourth and final project for 2015 is product-based!


1) First up is a moisturizer. Burt’s Bees Brightening moisturizer, to be exact. It’s nice. Doesn’t piss off my skin, doesn’t have silicone or parabens, but I’ve found a holy grail since purchasing this. It’s working well as a pre-foundation primer, so that’s how I’ll use it.


Jane is not amused.

2) This is what’s left of a huge bottle of Beauty Secrets Non-acetone polish remover. So far, this is the worst acetone-free remover I’ve tried yet and I’ve been struggling to use it up. It’s my hope that my swatching project will help with that!


3) I sort of went serum-crazy last year and have quite a few to work through. This one from NYC Skincare is peptide-based. There’s not an immediate visible result from this kind of thing, but I like the thin consistency and the quick way it absorbs into the skin.


4) I kinda went a little mask crazy, too. This is a mud mask with some exfoliating granules. The formula is actually pretty moisturizing, so when I rinse it off, my face feels soft and clean. It won’t be hard to finish this up.


5) Did I mention I went a little mask crazy? I’ve discovered that my face loves fruit enzymes. I discovered this last spring and found it to be an effective exfoliant that doesn’t dry the crap out of my skin. This is my second little tub of this stuff.


6) This is my current eye cream. (I so did not pay full price for this!) I don’t have a particularly dry eye area, but I don’t find this to be very hydrating. I layer it over some argan oil to help it along and am considering doing the same around my cuticles, just to use it up faster.


7. I’m not a makeup wipe person. But I like to grab a pack if I’m going to be traveling for more than a couple days (like I was last week) so I don’t have to lug the big bottle of Bioderma around with me. The jury’s still out on these.


8) I’m so close to finishing a stockpile of Bath & Body Works stuff, I can almost taste it. I loved this particular fragrance when I first bought it but now I’m so tired of it that I glare at the bottle when I get in the shower.


9) Which is why it’s so annoying to have two bottles of the body lotion left. (I know, first world problems, right?)


10) And then there’s Burt’s Bees moisturizing shampoo. This is actually three things because there’s a few bottles of the conditioner to go along with it. There’ll be a review coming on both later on.

That’s it!  My fourth project for the year! I’ll be swapping things in for used-up products throughout the year. We’ll see how far I get!

Project Polish 2015

I have a lot of nail polish. Hundreds of bottles. I destashed some last year and passed it on to family and friends, only keeping things I really like. And still, hundreds of bottles.

I like glitter. What can I say?

While I won’t stop acquiring polish unique to my collection, I also don’t want the ones I have to go to waste or remain unused. So I am embarking on a small project polish this year to see if I can use some of it up, concentrating on the colors that I have a lot of shades of: blues, purples, and pinks along with base and top coats.


From left to right, firstly we have Out The Door fast drying top coat. It’s an average one at best – comparing it to Seche Vite or my new favorite Clearly On Top, it doesn’t dry as fast, smudges nail art, and doesn’t have a very glassy texture when dry. I have been using it as a barrier between base color and nail art in case of mistakes.

Next to that is Julep’s Ally. It’s a beautiful electric blue. I’ve been using it as a nail art base and as the second layer of galaxy art. I will be sad when this one is gone!

Next is O.P.I.’s Glitter Off base coat. I’ve tried this as a base coat and didn’t like it for that purpose. I didn’t have staining, but the glitter didn’t peel off any easier than it would without it. Thick coats, thin, with another base coat, without. What it works really well for is keeping polish off the cuticles and surrounding skin when stamping or sponging. Its properties are exactly like Elmer’s glue, so once this is gone, I’m going to use that.

Finally, there’s Julep’s Reagan. It’s a beautiful bright pink one-coat cream that I use as both a base and for art.

Although it takes a long time, it’s not impossible to finish up a color. Even a standard 15 ml. These Juleps are smaller – 8ml. I feel the value is comparable, though, as most 15ml polishes require two or more coats for opacity and most of my Juleps and Zoyas are one coaters. I will cycle in some of my 15ml bottles as I use things up!

Project 10 Pan 2015

My very first project pan! I outlined my rules here. Where possible, I’ve marked levels with blue Sharpie.



My first product is a lip balm! (Ambitious, right?) Rainbow Honey’s nourishing lip balm in l’orange ganache.  My lips really like this, so I want to make sure to use it up before I lose it in the couch cushions or leave it in an old purse.



Next up is NYX’s Dewey Finish setting spray. I use this after powder and before mascara. It does a good job at tamping down the powder and giving my skin a nice finish. I’m not super fond of all the alcohol on my dry skin, though and I’m anxious to try something new.



This is a really nice BB cream! Like everything else out there, it’s a little too dark for me but it’s sheer enough to work under a powder foundation that matches me while giving me some SPF.



I like this concealer enough to eventually destroy the packaging to get to the stuff clinging to the side. I’ve been bringing it down onto my cheeks to help with redness coverage.



The Ofra eyebrow pencil. I got this in an Ipsy bag.  Now, I like my eyebrows. They don’t need a lot of tweezing or augmentation and I like ’em unruly. So brow products are lost on me. I tried this as an eyeliner but I didn’t like it that way. So I use it to darken the small mole above my lip after foundation. This is going to take a while to use up.



I’ve been on the hunt for a nice silicone-free primer. This one is nice! It had a citrusey smell and feels like moisturizer. But I don’t know if it does much more than that.



This actually does do good things for my eyeshadow. But I have other primers waiting in the queue.



I somehow ended up with two pots of Tough as Taupe and two other shades of Color Tattoo. They and I are now in a race to determine whether I can use them up before they dry out. Ready, set, GO!



I don’t wear much perfume or cologne. I’m allergic to a lot of scents and much of what I’m not allergic to turns on me and ends up smelling off. This does neither. It’s Rainbow Honey’s Frozen Flame. (I promise, I’m not sponsored by them! I just like their stuff and have a subscription to their mystery bag. They’ll be on here a lot.)



I ended up with three samples of this over the past couple months. It’s a nice formula application-wise but it transfers under my eyes like crazy. I’m going to experiment with layering this under other mascaras to see if that helps.