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De-stash & Trash Makeup – October 2015

I did a small purge of stuff at the end of the month, so I’m splitting up the D&T this time around!


My favorite empty this month is this mineral powder foundation from indie company Meow Cosmetics. This is the only product of this type that doesn’t make my skin itch or burn, enlarge my pores, or make me look like a disco ball. I can wear this by itself or over foundation or BB Cream. If they ever stop making it, I will cry.


Why yes, I did get sucked in by the packaging!

I finished up a Tony Moly pocket bunny. This was good for what it was, but I don’t think it’s any better than any other facial spray I have ever used. I equate it with the NYX dewey setting spray.

And then I purged some things that I knew I would never use. Some things I’ll give away and some will be tossed.


So. Many. Lip products.

I obtained most of these through sample bags and gift with purchases. With the exception of the pinup girl lip balm, which got really weird after a couple of months in a drawer, none of these are even remotely close to a color I would put on my face.


I cleared out some face products as well. I can’t handle most facial highlighters. Something about illuminating ingredients make the tops of my cheeks burn and break out so I end up using them as eyeshadows. The Doll 10 is a cream, and doesn’t work well for that. The other face products are way too orange for my super pale neutral skin.


Mascara and eyeliner! Both the Smashbox and Lancome were way too hard for my sensitive eyes. The NYX is an excellent tube mascara, but it doesn’t do much for volume. The two waterproof in the middle were too difficult to remove for me, but I do want to try the non-waterproof supersizer with Ulta’s Raincoat over the top. I loved it going on. And finally, the Catrice Better Than Waterproof is a lovely tube mascara but about a month in, it got a little plasticy.

That’s it for makeup! I’ll have a part 2 with skincare and a part 3 with masks coming up soon!

De-stash & Trash – September 2015

I’ve been up to a whole bunch over the past few months! My job’s busy season, acclimating to two new bosses, helping my brother move, lots of extra traveling. Frankly, I’m a bit pooped!

I have finished up some interesting things in the meantime, though!

I finished and purged several mascaras last month.


Obviously, not enough to fill a whole collage.

Right-to-left, first off, there’s Mirenesse’s Secret Weapon. I enjoyed the fancy-pants packaging. It had a Christmas tree-shaped natural brush. I liked that it didn’t smudge on me, which is a problem I have with most mascaras. It gave me some good volume as well. I would definitely try this out again!

Next up is Smashbox’s Full Exposure. I got this at a CCO a year ago. It was way too wet at first, so I let it dry out a little. And then it was too dry. I think it was more my timing rather than the formula itself, but it was too wet for my taste right off.

Then there’s the trusty Clump Crusher. I was using it mostly to separate lashes after using another mascara.

Ulta’s Raincoat is a topper that makes regular mascaras waterproof. I can’t speak to the true waterproofiness (which is totally a word!) but it keeps some of my favorites from smudging under my eyes.

I loved Eyeko’s Sport waterproof. Until I tried to remove it. This stuff is bulletproof! It also has fibers, however, which are not so bulletproof. After wearing it the first few times, those fibers dusted off into and under my eyes causing a fair bit of discomfort. Not for contact lens wearers!

I used up a sample tube of my current fave, Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes. It makes my lashes thick and fluttery. It transfers like a mother, though, so I always use it with the Raincoat.

And, finally, I tried out Julep’s volumizing mascara. I’m a Maven, so I do get discounts on their stuff from time to time. I haven’t had much luck with their makeup so far. This was thick and wet simultaneously. It just didn’t work for me.


I finished up a sample of the Marc Jacobs gel eye crayon in Blacquer. I liked this so much that I sprung for the holiday collection. It’s a dry formula, but once I got it on my watery allergy eyes, it went nowhere. I can even tightline with it.


I used up some peripheral makeup stuff. I use a disinfecting wipe on my brushes and to clean up my hands, etc afterward. The brand really doesn’t matter much.

I bought the Smashbox primer water right after it came out. And promptly regretted it. My skin didn’t like it as a primer. There wasn’t enough moisture involved. I used it, primarily, as a setting spray but I found that it smelled exactly like a hospital hallway. I didn’t appreciate that at all.

I used up a pack of Simple wipes and a couple of bottles of the micellar water, both of which I love and hoard.


I finished up a few serums. I tend to layer them, thinnest to thickest. There’s usually a vitamin c serum, a hydrating serum, and I rotate out the third depending on need. Garden Girl’s Superhero Serum is one of the latter. It is jam packed full of good stuff and my skin seems to like it. It smells a little bit like Flonase, though, as Janie-cat can attest to!

I also used a sample of the SKII essence cream. It’s not watery like the essence itself and it contains silicone which I try to avoid in my night products. So I used it as a primer and enjoyed it that way.

Mad Hippie has been my vitamin c serum of choice lately. Over time, my skin has been getting used to the serums I had been using, and this one is just the right strength. It gives me the slight flush of a product that’s doing something without burning the crap out of my skin. (Avalon Organics, I’m looking at your toner.)

The last serum I finished was the Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion. It had a slightly oily consistency, but absorbed right away. I had some flaking for a week at first, but that eventually stopped.


I finished off a sleeping mask. This saved my skin last winter, and I found that it’s light enough to use in the summer as well. It’s rather expensive, but it lasted almost 9 months.


I was really sad about this one because I love Garden Girl products. I bought it back in the spring and noticed a difference in my undereyes right away. That never happens. As the summer progressed, I began having trouble with puffiness, itchiness, and dryness. I narrowed it down to to the eye cream. I think the reaction seemed to happen when I was in the sun more than usual. (Yes, I was SPFing.)


I finished up some nail and hand care stuff, too. First off, is my most-used, most-loved stamping polish. I have never found a white to work as well as Konad’s. I cracked into my backup and will be stalking the site for a sale to replenish.

I used the last of Zoya’s Remove +. It’s expensive. I know. I don’t use it for anything other than to remove glitter polish. I don’t know what it is about the formula, but it works better than straight-up acetone for glitter for me.

I used the last of a Tony Moly peach hand cream that I got in a Beauteque bag. It smelled divine, but it felt a bit sticky.

I let go of a pump dispenser that stopped working, as well as a bottle of scented top coat that I had been using to swatch with.


And finally, I’ve decided to let go of a couple of shampoo/conditioner sets. I have thigh-length wavy, fine, dry, easily tangled hair. I also avoid silicones. The Andalou Naturals smelled lovely, but didn’t provide enough hydration.

On the other hands, I loved what the Shea Moisture did for my hair, but it smelled so strongly and the scent was so pervasive, it lasted through several washings with other shampoos.

That’s it for September! I’m excited I used up so much, but it’s a bit overwhelming all in one post. I may have to split it up next time!

De-stash & Trash – Summer 2015: Makeup, Beauty, & Fragrance

I take a break from just about everything during the summer.  While the rest of the world is vacationing and enjoying a break from school, librarians are enduring their busiest season of the year. I live and work in a 40,000+ town in one of the fastest growing counties in the country.  This summer, our library had over 2,000 kids participating in the annual Summer Reading Program with attendance that ranged from 60-350 at any given event with each kid checking out dozens and dozens of items afterward, creating a never-ending stream of people from open to close.

And exactly how are libraries obsolete again?

We outnumbered our main branch (which is twice as big as ours in a city three times the size) in program attendance and came within 300 of their SRP sign-ups.  Despite the huge numbers of people walking in our doors and the ever-growing statistics, we’re working with fewer man hours than we were when I was hired in a decade ago because our town council can’t really wrap its collective head around the fact that we’re an essential service, and that all these people moving into our area come from places that actually value education and culture.  They’ve kept our funding level for three years straight.

Now, we’re much luckier than a lot of libraries in our area – even the metropolitan one in the county next door.  Many budgets are getting outright cut.  But there’s one significant difference: most of those communities have stagnant or decreasing population.  Ours has doubled in a decade.

So, I’ve spent the last few months working, eating, sleeping, and working without much energy for anything else.  I have, however, been keeping track of the stuff I use up for an epic three-part D&T.

Beauty Sponge

I discarded my last ever Real Techniques Beauty Sponge.  I used to love these, but I’ve noticed the quality decreasing over the past year or so.  This particular sponge disintegrated after its second use and wash.  I’ll be springing for the Beauty Blender from now on.


I tried out a lot of mascara this summer.  I actually finished the Tarte Gifted and loved it.  Almost more than their Lights, Camera, Lashes.  It made my lashes look thick and fluttery at the same time, but just like L,C,L, it transferred on me like a mother.  I used a waterproofer over it and that made it last all day without flaking or smudging.

I finished a couple of tubes of Cover Girl’s Professional Remarkable Waterproof mascara – one ran out at the very beginning of the summer and the other I used throughout.  This is a very dry formula, which I enjoy quite a bit.  My lashes are long – even longer now, but we’ll go through that in a sec – and anything that’s wet tends to make me look like Tammy Faye Baker.  This stuff builds nicely and doesn’t smudge or transfer at all when I use it by itself.  The downside to the formula is that it tends to dry up about two months in.  But it’s an everyday workhorse mascara for me, and the benefits outweigh the longevity by a long shot!

The last two mascaras I didn’t like at all.  Urban Decay’s Perversion applied all right, but about a half an hour after application, I started to itch.  The itch just got worse the longer I wore it, and I noticed some redness on the lids after I removed it.  And it started to smudge underneath my eyes almost immediately.  I could deal with the smudging, but the reaction will keep me from trying Urban Decay mascaras in the future.

Finally, Essence’s Get Big! Lashes was also a smudger.  It didn’t do much for my lashes besides darkening them a little.  I got it as a freebie, so I didn’t feel bad just getting rid of it.

Travatan Z

This is a medication, but I felt like I needed to talk about it here because it does influence my beauty routine quite a bit.  Over the summer I was diagnosed with high eye pressure – I’m extremely nearsighted, so this is probably the cause.  I could have had surgery, but opted for the nightly eyedrops instead.  I learned later that one of the side effects of the drops was eyelash growth and possible darkening of the iris, similar to Latisse. (In fact, Latisse and eyelash growth serums like it were derived from glaucoma drops like Travatan.)

I’ve been on the drops for a little over two months and I have seen a significant change in my eyelashes.  They’re much longer, thicker, and darker.  I actually had an awkward growing-out period where they were downright unruly.  I have not had any iris darkening, but the tech at my doctor’s office said that, although very few people experience this, my blue/green/gold eyes seem to be the type that it happens to the most.  So we’ll see.


I decided to de-stash this blue Rimmel eyeliner.  I try blue eyeliner every single summer, expecting it to be a fun pop of color.  I haven’t found a blue yet that doesn’t clash with my eyes.  I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m just not comfortable working with blue.  Purple on the other hand…


I’m also de-stashing this NYX concealer.  It was one of the first I’d purchased after getting back into makeup.  It’s a couple of years old, is too hard to use for undereyes and, in the rare event that I need facial concealer, it doesn’t really cover well.


I picked up a Becca foundation on Hautelook.  While it was pale enough for me, it made my skin itch and burn almost immediately.  I took it off right away, but the redness and tenderness lasted for a couple of days.  The only other foundation I had this sort of reaction to was Stila’s Illuminating Liquid Foundation.  I’m beginning to think I need to stay away from anything that says “radiant” or “illuminating.”  I have started keeping track of ingredients to try to figure out what I might be allergic to.


I generally don’t try much fragrance because I’m kind of sensitive to them, but I keep getting samples.  So I figure I might as well sniff them, at least.  The first might as well have been called Versace Instant Headache.  I couldn’t get it out of my house fast enough!  Marc Jacob’s Mod Noir was actually pretty nice.  It was a clean, unisex scent that I actually wore for awhile.  It lasted well and didn’t turn on me. (Which is another problem I have with perfumes.  Rose in particular is my nemesis!)  While I wouldn’t spend the dough on this one particularly, I would be happy to try another sample.

So that’s it!

In addition to daily swatches, I should have the summer skincare and nail care D&T coming up in the next little while, as well as a special project polish post.

De-stash & Trash – April 2015

I used up some interesting things in April!


First off is a bottle of Simple Micellar Water. I’ve been a Bioderma user for a year. I did the math on cost-per-ounce  and found that Simple and Bioderma are comparable. (I usually spring for the 500 ml bottle of the Bioderma.) Simple is a lot easier for me to get my hands on because so many of my local stores have it now. Performance-wise, though, I actually like the Simple brand a little bit better. Both brands are very gentle on the skin. I can use both on eyes and face, but Simple’s version feels slightly more moisturizing on the skin.  I am so excited to have a drugstore option that I really love. Kudos, Simple!


I finished off a bottle of non-acetone remover. I use this to remove non-glitter polish and for any post-stamping cuticle mess I wasn’t able to prevent.


I really, really enjoyed Cover Girl’s Professional Remarkable Waterproof mascara. I stumbled across it while researching tubing mascaras and picked it up when my Kmart had them on clearance. (I don’t think they’re discontinuing it – it’s still on the CG website.) It doesn’t transfer on me at all, and actually gives me a little volume. It’s very similar to the Clump Crusher in formula, but is waterproof and has a natural brush.


This was a lemming purchase that I wound up regretting. On my eyes, it was in no way extreme. It wouldn’t build, it transferred, and I lost a lot of lashes the one day I wore it. Which could totally have been coincidental, but it was odd and I don’t want to risk it.


This scrub was a little messy, but very effective and had a lovely scent!


I used up some samples this time around. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this cleanser, as I was a bit underwhelmed with the mud mask. I don’t know if it’s worth the price for me just yet, but I would probably snag it if it ever showed up at TJ Maxx in future.


This serum was okay. There’s no way to judge its lifting properties in the week or so the sample lasted (which are dubious to begin with in my opinion), but it didn’t break or dry me out, which is great!


Bioderma! Probably my last bottle for a while, thanks to Simple.


I can’t remember where this sample came from. As micellar waters go, this one is unimpressive. It was heavily fragranced. I had to use the whole bottle over multple applications to get anything off my face, and ended up having to follow up with another one to remove everything.


I probably got the fail of a micellar water in the same batch of samples that this All Nighter bottle came from. It was nice. I don’t think I like it more than other sprays I have used. I probably won’t end up buying it that often because of the price.


This serum was one of the products that got me through the worst of the winter. It does have a little dimethicone in it, which I’m trying to stay away from in my nighttime routine, but I don’t think that weensie amount of ‘cones hurt anything in the long run.


And, finally, I cracked this open and used it as a moisturizer/primer before makeup. It was very creamy and very slippy. Midway through the day, I started looking and feeling very dry. Probably thanks to the dimethicone and alcohol high up on the ingredient list. (6 & 7 out of a few dozen.) My skin didn’t like it much. But it was worth a try!

Pale Girl Problems

I’m a very pale person. We’re talking fishbelly. Practically transparent. A quick comparison:


That’s my mom at the top there with a lovely light-golden skin tone. (Needless to say, I take after my Dad.) On the right is my sister-in-law who is a redhead with the beautiful even porcelain skin that goes with it. And on the left? My weird pasty paleness.

I have a really hard time matching foundations in general. My skin is neutral with an ever-so-slight yellow undertone that’s basically unnoticeable. But I also have a lot of redness to my skin.

It’s a pretty safe bet that, whatever foundation I want to try out, I’m going to want to choose the lightest shade available. But rarely is the lightest shade light enough. Let’s take, for example, the following eight foundations in my collection. I have applied them sheered out on the back of my hand, which is a match for my chest and neck.  They are all the lightest shades in their tones for their lines.


TOP L to R: Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying Foundation in Linen Cream; Smashbox Studio Skin 15-hour Wear Hydrating Foundation in 1.1 Bottom L to R: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Intensity 1.0; BareMinerals Bareskin in Porcelain Bare


Top L to R: Lancome Teint Miracle in 2c Ivorire; Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm. Bottom L to R: The Balm Time Balm in Lighter Than light; Konad's Irojie Floru CC Cream

I am all set if I want to impersonate a mutant oompa loompa next halloween, but they’re impossible to wear on their own.

I was particularly slayed by the Lancome as it’s the most beautiful of the lot by far. I have since found that Lancone has a 1N shade on their actual website that may work a little better. But the line starts at 2 in Ulta and Sephora.

I have found some shades that I can work with. And a couple that are pretty okay matches. The only thing I’ve found that was actually too light was a pure white.


Top L to R: L'oreal Visible Lift in 143 Soft Ivory; Andalou Naturals BB Cream in Natural Tint Bottom L to R: 100% Pure Super Fruits Healthy Foundation in Porcelain 1; Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous in 805 Ivory


Top L to R: Cover Girl Clean in 205 Ivory; It Cosmetics Ultra Repair Liquid Foundation in Fair. Bottom to R: Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm; Femme Couture Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen in Natural Buff


Clockwise from left: It Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair; Manic Panic Dreamtone in Virgin; Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundcealer in Fair

I like the idea of mixing those dark foundations with white, but the Manic Panic made my face burn. I have a couple of other white ones on order, but I fear it’s the white pigments that my skin is reacting to.

Am I the only one out there with this problem? Is is as hard to find foundations that work on the darkest end of the spectrum as it is on the lightest?

I may revisit this once I’ve exhausted all my mixing options.

Project 10 Pan 2015 – 2 Month Update

After my second month of panning, I now know why so many people work with a deadline. I don’t think a year-long rolling project is going to work for me. First of all, I like deadlines. I enjoy having a target to aim for. I know this about myself, so why I didn’t start with the deadline method is beyond me.

Second of all, I’m getting bored and want to play with the rest of my collection. (Because, honesty!)

So, I think I’m going to adjust a bit.

I’ll keep Pan That Palette going all year. That one naturally lends itself to supplementing with other things as I finish shadows up.  For Project Pan I’ll finish out the month without rolling new products in as I finish. That’ll be the end of quarter one. I’ll keep Project Product going through quarter two. Quarter three will be another Project Pan and four will be a product.

I think this will work better for me!

I decided to keep this month’s update simple since so many of the products are the same.


First up are the face products!

1) Trucking right along with the Andalou Naturals BB Cream. It’s difficult to tell exactly how much I have in there since the packaging is opaque, but I settled on the level after some tapping and squishing.

2) I transferred the Cover Girl Clean foundation into the cleaned and sanitized air pump bottle the NYC peptide serum was in. The triangular bottle and thick consistency was making it a messy pain in the butt to use. I’m still mixing it with a drop of oil and applying it over the BB cream, and that seems to work for my skin.

3) The Rimmel Match Perfection concealer stopped dispensing. I cut the tube open and scraped out the leftover product. It should last me another few weeks at least! (I have to admit, I bought another one of these today. It’s a dependable concealer, and I have a couple untrieds.)


4) I think I’ll be using this Meow Cosmetics mineral eyeshadow sample until the end of time. It takes so very little on the brush to get color payoff. I’m really enjoying it!

5) Better Than Sex mascara smudges and transfers on me so immediately and severely that it looks like I’ve been having some. I’ve been able to use this under a tubing mascara and that lets me get through the day without it melting down my face, but at the sacrifice of the wonderful things it does for my lashes. And I have two more sample tubes of this stuff.

6) Milani eye primer. Does the job and does it well!

7) I finally sharpened the eyebrow pencil! The beauty mark has never looked better.

8) Tough as Taupe. *sigh* Still struggling with this one. Especially since I bought a new Color Tattoo and was subsequently reminded what the actual texture of these is supposed to be like. I think I’ll try the saline-and-microwave trick. If I still hate it at the end of this project, it shall be de-stashed.


9) I’m enjoying the Julep gloss more than I thought I would. It’s a little too light, but sheer enough. Sticky, but not too sticky. I might consider getting this in a slight deeper shade.

10) And finally, I’m rotating in another lip balm. Burt’s Bees with coconut and pear. I got a four pack from my lovely sister-in-law for Christmas, and I want to get to work on them since they’re natural.

Finished Products
Rainbow Honey Lip Balm
Nyx dewey finish setting spray
Korrres face primer
Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame rollerball

De-stash and Trash – February 2015

I have had a pretty productive month using up products!


I really enjoyed the Korres face primer! I wasn’t certain at first that it was doing much, but after not using it for a while, I do notice a difference in the way foundation applies. I kind of miss it! It’s a silicone-free cream that feels like a silky moisturizer. I ended up wrangling a sample of their anti-aging primer to try.


I liked this Rainbow Honey body lotion enough to spend the time scraping out the bottle with a beauty spatula. Another silicone-free product.


I got this Crown brush in a set. It started to shed the first time I washed it and never stopped. I don’t have time to painstakingly pick brush hairs off my face every morning. So I’m getting rid of it.


Another one for the Ipsy graveyard. It’s a very nice, very black liquid eyeliner from Elizabeth Mott with very pretty glitter pieces that made my eyes feel very gritty. It’s very outta here.


Finished up a bottle of fast-dry top coat.


Took care of this Peptide serum that was in my project product. I really enjoyed the texture and I didn’t find it too drying. I would definitely try it again!


I finally decided to let go of the silicone-based primers lurking in my drawers. I don’t know if it’s user error or what, but I’ve tried them every way I can think of and they do nothing but emphasize my pores and lines. I’ve rubbed, patted and pressed, used fingers, brushes and sponges in various stages of the making-up process to no avail. I’m starting to think it’s just my skin.


I finished a lip balm! I consider this a triumph because I usually lose or destroy them before I use them up. This was a Rainbow Honey balm and was extremely moisturizing.


The torturous eye cream. I hate to diss Ole Henriksen, but my undereyes hated this. They actually felt dryer after I put it on. I mixed it with argan oil to make it work.


Garden Girl makes my favorite moisturizers. Quench Coat is nice and light, suitable for daytime and summertime, is silicone-free and contains the magic hyaluronic acid. I will absolutely buy this again, but I have to get through the Burt’s Bees Brightening one first. Motivation!


I’m de-stashing a couple of old mascaras. Cover Girl’s Full Lash Bloom (on the left) left my lashes feeling very soft, which I enjoyed. But it also ended up halfway down my face two hours after application like most mascaras do. Nyx’s Doll Eye waterproof, on the other hand, stayed put. I didn’t find out until later that it was a tubing mascara. Which has now become my favorite makeup product. Of life. Ever. I like Nyx’s for layering over mascaras that I like but transfer on me. This one is primarily lengthening and has a small hourglass-shaped brush.


And finally, I finished a vitamin c serum. This was my second bottle of this. I loved the way it smelled of oranges and sunk into my skin. Despite its gentleness, I could feel it working with some slight flushing and tingling. I think my skin has gotten used to it, though, and I may be ready for a step up in vitamin c concentration. This is a lovely starter c serum for sensitive skin.

That’s it for February! I’ll have my mask roundup up later on in the month!

Project 10 Pan 2015 – 1 Month Update

I’m one month into my project pan. I’ve made lots of progress on some things and on other things…well…not so much.


1) Korres Face Primer – I’m so close to finishing this up! One or two more uses and it’ll be done.


2) Milani Eyeshadow Primer – Making steady progress here!


3) Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer – This is the concealer that doesn’t end! I have been using it under the eyes and down onto the cheeks. It does a really good job at covering redness there without settling into pores there.


4) Ofra Eyebrow Pencil – I haven’t even sharpened the darned thing. I don’t like it for much, but I do use it to darken my beauty mark when it fades under foundation.


5) Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe – I’m really struggling with this one. The shade is much, much cooler than my camera makes it look. It makes my eyelids look bruised because I can’t get it sheered out enough. It’s starting to get too crumbly to work with.  I have been lining my eyes with it and topping it with black shadow. I think I might give myself till the end of March and if I’m still dreading the sight of it in my makeup bag, I’ll just let it go.


6) Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – This stuff transfers like a mother. On me anyway. So many mascaras do, so I can’t judge it on that alone. The first time I wore it to work I ended up looking like a football player by lunch time. I love what it does for my lashes though! To try to make it work, I’ve started to pair it with some tubing and waterproof mascaras that I have open with inconsistent results. I have something else in mind to try!


Last month.


This month!

7) I made fairly good progress on the lip balm, if I do say so myself. I have never finished one before. Never. In 36 years. I may have myself a squee when it’s finally gone.


8) Slowly making my way through the BB cream. It’s very moisturizing and has a nice texture, but it’s just too dark for me. So…


9) …I’m using a foundation over it! This Cover Girl Clean is almost the right shade but it’s drier than what my skin likes. Pairing it with the BB cream and a little oil makes for a nice finish. I figured I should just cycle it into the project.


Julep Lip Gloss in Adored.

10) I very rarely buy lip products on purpose, but somehow have ended up with a bunch. To try to use them up, I’m going with a first-in-first-out strategy. This gloss came in a Julep box before we were able to customize. It’s sheer enough that I feel comfortable slapping it on during the day and sticky enough that it stays on fairly well in between breaks at work.


11) I’m cycling in one more product because the primer will probably be gone before this goes up. This is a mineral eyeshadow sample from Meow cosmetics that will gow with the palette I’m panning.

Finished Products
NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray
Rainbow Honey Rollerball in Frozen Flame

Mel’s Best of 2014 – Makeup

2014 makeup was all about discovery, ease, and pandering to my perpetually pissed-off skin. It was also the year of the indie brands in makeup as well as skin care and nail polish.

I was tickled to find Meow Cosmetics laat Spring! Not only does the company speak to the crazy cat lady inside me, but it makes a damn good powder foundation. Most mineral foundations make me itchy and red, but their pampered puss formula doesn’t. In the summer, I can wear it by itself and it looks lovely and airbrushed. In the winter, I use it as a finishing powder over a moisturizing foundation for the same effect. Highly recommended for all my fellow itchy red sisters.


Awkward group photo.

Early in the year, I traveled up north to visit family. Mom and I usually get ready together and we both spotted the bright green tube in each other’s makeup bags. We bonded over Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher Water Resistent. It  has become a staple for me. It’s a work horse kind of mascara that makes my lashes look lush but not spidery and has minimal transfer. Which is saying something. Most other mascaras make me look like I should be chomping on bamboo in the wild.

The brush is a real techniques base shadow brush that, as far as I can tell, only comes in one of their kits. If it were sold individually, I would get a few more because it’s the perfect shape for my crease. I have small partially hooded eyes and the tapered shape to this one fits me just right.


I know, this is discontinued. Don't kill me.

I traveled a lot this year and the Rainforest After Dark palette has been the perfect thing to take with me. It has a huge mirror and all my powder products along with two eye looks. I slip it in my purse and go. If Tarte releases more of these discs, grab them. This one was wonderful!


Nail gouges in the highlighter shows the love.

That’s it! Four things. I feel like I haven’t found a favorite yet in any other category and trying to find good things to say about things I feel just meh about is a waste of everybody’s time.

What is not a waste of time is talking about things that make us happy and feel pretty. What are some things that do that for you?