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Pimp My Pride – KB Shimmer

Happy Memorial Day if you live in the States! We’re celebrating our long weekend a few hours away with my mom. This is always a fairly meaningful holiday in my family. So many of us have served or are serving in all branches of the military – uncles, both grandpas, cousins.


A rare snap of my stoic paternal Grandpa smiling in his Air Force uniform.

In honor of the holiday, I put on this patriotic crelly glitter from KB Shimmer.


Just like most crellies, you can get it opaque in 2-3 coats – this is 2. Obviously I needed 3. Great, smooth self-leveling formula.

Ripe For the Pink-ing – KB Shimmer



There’s a lot of KB Shimmer on this blog. I’m okay with that! It is, hands down, my favorite indie nail polish brand. This spring they came out with the Mega Flame collection full of gorgeous scattered holo polishes.

This one is the perfect rose color and the rainbow factor is astronomical.

I got it opaque in 2 coats. I tried a third coat on one of my fingers thinking it might deepen the color, but it really didn’t. For me, this is a solid year-round color and I’ll get a ton of use out of it.

Temple Bar – Square Hue


I subscribed to Square Hue back in January and I’m just now getting around to trying some of the polishes. This particular one is a warm orange. Now, as you can see, orange is really not my color. But it is, however, my baseball team’s color and they have been doing very well lately. So I’m willing to take the orange bullet for today.

I was worried at first because the formula was very chalky and streaky at first, but the second coat covered everything pretty well. It dries slightly darker than what’s in the bottle.

My Gramma’s kitchen was this color. (We are truly paragons of taste in my family.)

Which is probably why I put some glitter on it.


Upside Round by KB Shimmer

Actually, I think it broke up the orange enough so that my skin doesn’t look quite as sallow. Yay!

This was a surprisingly okay formula for an orange. I’m looking forward to trying more from this brand!