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My Voice is a Little Norse – O.P.I.


This steel gray glitter contains some holographic winks. You can get it full coverage in 2-3 coats. Pictured here is 2.


The impossible – O.P.I.


I missed the liquid sands when they were newly released, but stumbled upon them at T.J. Maxx. This particular one is fairly sheer. You have to do a fair bit of fishing to get to the stars; in fact, I have poured out some of the polish to find them, which doesn’t bother me as much as it would for other polishes. Red glitter is everywhere and, aside from the star glitters, this one is merely average.

De-stash & Trash – January 2015

January was a fairly productive month as far as using things up and moving items out of my collection.


First up, we have Julep’s Oxygen Base Coat and Freedom Polymer Top Coat. These were both all right, but got way too gloopy to use and weren’t awesome enough for thinner.


This is the only nail polish I’ve gotten in almost a year of Ipsy bags. And it’s silver glitter in a clear base. The glitter-to-polish ratio isn’t as dense as I like. And besides, how many bottles of silver glitter in a clear base does one polishista really need?


Cat hair in the manicure!

Sinful Colors in Let Me Go is a beautiful swirly pearly multi-dimensional color. In the bottle. On the nail it comes off a frosty and brush-stroky vague non-color with what looks like little particles in it that, when dry, makes your nails look like they have potholes in them. In this case, I’m going to have to do what the bottle tells me to.


My first Project Product item is finished! Granted, there was only about a fifth of the bottle left, but this felt like a hard-won victory in the personal care war.


Another Ipsy bag casualty. My hair is 50 inches long. There is nothing sexy, tousled, or beachy about it. I did try to use this to enhance my natural waves in damp hair, but couldn’t wait to wash it out after it dried. I think I left hair styling products back in the early ’90’s along with mall bangs and there they will stay.


Bioderma! I love micellar waters for makeup removal. Almost everything else I have tried burns the crap out of my skin. The brand Simple has come out with a micellar water that I have gotten my hot little hands on and am trying out. (So far, so good!) As far as I know, it’s the first in U.S. drugstores.


Speaking of makeup removal, I finished up a pack of these wipes. They aren’t bad. They don’t burn my face, which is the primary criteria for anything. I buy these when I go on long trips so I don’t have to lug a bottle of remover. I don’t feel like it gets me particularly clean but it’s good for a second step before the Clarisonic.


Finished this Rainbow Honey rollerball in Frozen Flame. The scent was nice and spicy, and didn’t turn on me. Definitely one I would wear again!


Used up this packet of The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion scrub. It was creamy, the granules were very fine and it didn’t burn! It passed!

That’s it for this month. Since I mask so often, I plan on dedicating a separate post for those.

Project Polish 2015

I have a lot of nail polish. Hundreds of bottles. I destashed some last year and passed it on to family and friends, only keeping things I really like. And still, hundreds of bottles.

I like glitter. What can I say?

While I won’t stop acquiring polish unique to my collection, I also don’t want the ones I have to go to waste or remain unused. So I am embarking on a small project polish this year to see if I can use some of it up, concentrating on the colors that I have a lot of shades of: blues, purples, and pinks along with base and top coats.


From left to right, firstly we have Out The Door fast drying top coat. It’s an average one at best – comparing it to Seche Vite or my new favorite Clearly On Top, it doesn’t dry as fast, smudges nail art, and doesn’t have a very glassy texture when dry. I have been using it as a barrier between base color and nail art in case of mistakes.

Next to that is Julep’s Ally. It’s a beautiful electric blue. I’ve been using it as a nail art base and as the second layer of galaxy art. I will be sad when this one is gone!

Next is O.P.I.’s Glitter Off base coat. I’ve tried this as a base coat and didn’t like it for that purpose. I didn’t have staining, but the glitter didn’t peel off any easier than it would without it. Thick coats, thin, with another base coat, without. What it works really well for is keeping polish off the cuticles and surrounding skin when stamping or sponging. Its properties are exactly like Elmer’s glue, so once this is gone, I’m going to use that.

Finally, there’s Julep’s Reagan. It’s a beautiful bright pink one-coat cream that I use as both a base and for art.

Although it takes a long time, it’s not impossible to finish up a color. Even a standard 15 ml. These Juleps are smaller – 8ml. I feel the value is comparable, though, as most 15ml polishes require two or more coats for opacity and most of my Juleps and Zoyas are one coaters. I will cycle in some of my 15ml bottles as I use things up!