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Pimp My Pride – KB Shimmer

Happy Memorial Day if you live in the States! We’re celebrating our long weekend a few hours away with my mom. This is always a fairly meaningful holiday in my family. So many of us have served or are serving in all branches of the military – uncles, both grandpas, cousins.


A rare snap of my stoic paternal Grandpa smiling in his Air Force uniform.

In honor of the holiday, I put on this patriotic crelly glitter from KB Shimmer.


Just like most crellies, you can get it opaque in 2-3 coats – this is 2. Obviously I needed 3. Great, smooth self-leveling formula.


What’s Your Damage? – KB Shimmer


This white crelly is surely the ’80’s in a bottle. Its neon pink, green, and black hexes, bars, and triangles make me want to don jelly bracelets and a side ponytail a.s.a.p. Looks beat in 3 coats.