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Project Polish 2015

I have a lot of nail polish. Hundreds of bottles. I destashed some last year and passed it on to family and friends, only keeping things I really like. And still, hundreds of bottles.

I like glitter. What can I say?

While I won’t stop acquiring polish unique to my collection, I also don’t want the ones I have to go to waste or remain unused. So I am embarking on a small project polish this year to see if I can use some of it up, concentrating on the colors that I have a lot of shades of: blues, purples, and pinks along with base and top coats.


From left to right, firstly we have Out The Door fast drying top coat. It’s an average one at best – comparing it to Seche Vite or my new favorite Clearly On Top, it doesn’t dry as fast, smudges nail art, and doesn’t have a very glassy texture when dry. I have been using it as a barrier between base color and nail art in case of mistakes.

Next to that is Julep’s Ally. It’s a beautiful electric blue. I’ve been using it as a nail art base and as the second layer of galaxy art. I will be sad when this one is gone!

Next is O.P.I.’s Glitter Off base coat. I’ve tried this as a base coat and didn’t like it for that purpose. I didn’t have staining, but the glitter didn’t peel off any easier than it would without it. Thick coats, thin, with another base coat, without. What it works really well for is keeping polish off the cuticles and surrounding skin when stamping or sponging. Its properties are exactly like Elmer’s glue, so once this is gone, I’m going to use that.

Finally, there’s Julep’s Reagan. It’s a beautiful bright pink one-coat cream that I use as both a base and for art.

Although it takes a long time, it’s not impossible to finish up a color. Even a standard 15 ml. These Juleps are smaller – 8ml. I feel the value is comparable, though, as most 15ml polishes require two or more coats for opacity and most of my Juleps and Zoyas are one coaters. I will cycle in some of my 15ml bottles as I use things up!

Projects Pan, Product, Polish, and Palette 2015

I acquired a lot of makeup and skincare products over the last year.  I’m not going to pretend I don’t like to shop for girlie sparkly things.  I totally do!  But a couple of years ago, I went through a major change in my skin.  It went from oily to dry in a matter of months.  So I had to figure out how to deal with a new skin type.  I did some experimenting with a lot of new products.  It affected, obviously, the skincare I use but I also had to take into consideration the way I use cosmetics as well.

My skin is in a more normal, happy state these days, but I several drawers full of products that were not ideal, didn’t work the way I thought they would, I didn’t like at all or I didn’t really need but I bought anyway because they were pretty and I wanted them.  (No apologies!)  I don’t want to waste something I paid good money for.  So I decided, for 2015, to make a concentrated effort to find ways to make use of everything in my collection and to use products up.

The rules for these four projects will be as follows:

  •  This is not a no-buy.  I know now what kinds of products work for me and what doesn’t and no longer need to experiment.
  • I don’t have to use the product for its intended purpose.  Concealers as primers?  Yeah!  Bronzer as eyeshadow?  Why not?  Some items will require some creativity because I can’t use them the way they’re supposed to be used.
  • I can give up on a product as long as I exhaust every possible use option.
  • I can give up on a product if it begins to smell, dries out, or exhibits other signs of spoilage or states of being that prohibits use.
  • I can give up on a product if it is harmful to me.
  • Once I use up a product, I will celebrate and rotate another one in until the end of September.  At that point, I’ll make a push to finish everything in the project before the end of the year.  (The Palette, of course, is exempt from this.)
  • I will use a product until it is reasonably used up.  I will do my best to make use of every last bit, but I don’t have to potentially injure myself or spend a lot of time cracking into packaging to do so.
  • I will post progress reports here every 2-3 months or as needed.