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Sample Saturday – So Many Cleansers!

I blew through some samples when we went up to visit my family a couple weeks back!


I want to end on a positive note, so I’m going to start with the stuff I didn’t like. First Aid Beauty and I don’t get along. I used this one morning and afterward my mother stopped in her tracks as she walked by and said, “What’s wrong with your face? It looks like you’ve been sunburned!” I stayed that red all day.


This one is frothy right out of the package and, obviously, suds up well. It did make me feel dry and tight, but with all the skincare layering I do at night, it wasn’t too bad.


This one was pretty average for me. It did the job. Like with most cleansers it left my skin feeling tight but not as bad as the Origins.


I have loved everything I’ve tries from Josie Maran so far. The other three cleansers I used with my Clarisonic. This one I didn’t need to. It’s a powder that turns into a cleansing scrub. Its particles are very fine, and it left me feeling clean but not dehydrated. I was using some skin care that balled up and flaked off overnight and this was adequate to get that all off of my face in the morning.


Mask Monday

I have been reunited with my Dr Jart Sleeping Mask! While I was out of it, I tried out a couple of new things.


I had high hopes for the Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial. I didn’t like it back in October; I gave it another try last month, and it still didn’t suit me. It felt too heavy over all the layers I use at night. And there was a lot of peeling, but I’m not convinced it was dead skin. I think it was the product itself. I decided to pass this on. Maybe it’ll work better for someone who otherwise keeps it simple.


After giving up on the Korres, I remembered the Peter Thomas Roth mask minis I have in my mask drawer. Some of the gel kinds can be used as sleeping masks. I liked this one much better. I got two traditional uses out of this mini, and finished up the jar with a week’s worth of sleeping mask usage.

One of my goals this year is to use up more of my non-sheet masks and peels.


So, I pulled out the Ladykin Greenharmony Pear Mask Pack. This one had a lotiony consistency. It felt and smelled just lovely, and left my face feeling very soft.

I used up three sheet masks:


Both the Hanaka and the Urban Dollkiss currency masks were thin and adhered well to the face. The Shara Shara mask was a little thicker, but smelled divine. All moisturized nicely and none of them made me sensitive.

Mask Monday -PTR, K-beauty, and Sephora

So, the gigantic monthly posts of product reviews seemed like a good idea when I started the blog, but they were getting a bit too long. So I’m splittin’ ’em up!

I have some masks that I used up last week that I really wanted to talk about. First up is the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask.


This was awesome, but very strong. A year ago, my skin wouldn’t have been able to take it, so if you’re sensitive you might need to work up to it. I wouldn’t use it in the morning because it makes me flush a bright crimson that takes a few hours to subside. I’m pretty ruddy anyway, but there’s no covering up that kind of redness! In the morning, my skin was soft and I did have a little bit of flaking that wasn’t sustained. A quick wash got rid of it.

I use 2-4 sheet masks a week, and I’ve found that I’m not too picky. I prefer sheet masks because I can wear my glasses (and usually one of those silicone masks covers), and do other things while the masks works its magic.


I would recommend the Sephora masks for anyone who can’t find big enough masks. I had excess on the edges. Having said that, I probably won’t buy more and I don’t like them more than less expensive ones I find on Amazon or get through Beauteque.

Speaking of Beauteque, I’ve gotten a lot of these money-style masks by Urban Dollkiss through that subscription and I really like them. They’re thin and stick to the face well.

And finally, Face Q It’s Real Aloe Soothing mask had a similar sheet style and was, indeed, soothing. It had enough essence left in the pouch for me to save and reuse.


I don’t like full-face hydrogel masks, but I don’t mind the patches. I don’t feel like the Tony Moly patches did much for my cheek redness, but the Sally’s Box lip patch felt wonderful

Yeah, I mask a lot. But I feel like my skin is much better off for it. I hope to be back next Monday with more masking goodness!

De-stash & Trash – September 2015

I’ve been up to a whole bunch over the past few months! My job’s busy season, acclimating to two new bosses, helping my brother move, lots of extra traveling. Frankly, I’m a bit pooped!

I have finished up some interesting things in the meantime, though!

I finished and purged several mascaras last month.


Obviously, not enough to fill a whole collage.

Right-to-left, first off, there’s Mirenesse’s Secret Weapon. I enjoyed the fancy-pants packaging. It had a Christmas tree-shaped natural brush. I liked that it didn’t smudge on me, which is a problem I have with most mascaras. It gave me some good volume as well. I would definitely try this out again!

Next up is Smashbox’s Full Exposure. I got this at a CCO a year ago. It was way too wet at first, so I let it dry out a little. And then it was too dry. I think it was more my timing rather than the formula itself, but it was too wet for my taste right off.

Then there’s the trusty Clump Crusher. I was using it mostly to separate lashes after using another mascara.

Ulta’s Raincoat is a topper that makes regular mascaras waterproof. I can’t speak to the true waterproofiness (which is totally a word!) but it keeps some of my favorites from smudging under my eyes.

I loved Eyeko’s Sport waterproof. Until I tried to remove it. This stuff is bulletproof! It also has fibers, however, which are not so bulletproof. After wearing it the first few times, those fibers dusted off into and under my eyes causing a fair bit of discomfort. Not for contact lens wearers!

I used up a sample tube of my current fave, Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes. It makes my lashes thick and fluttery. It transfers like a mother, though, so I always use it with the Raincoat.

And, finally, I tried out Julep’s volumizing mascara. I’m a Maven, so I do get discounts on their stuff from time to time. I haven’t had much luck with their makeup so far. This was thick and wet simultaneously. It just didn’t work for me.


I finished up a sample of the Marc Jacobs gel eye crayon in Blacquer. I liked this so much that I sprung for the holiday collection. It’s a dry formula, but once I got it on my watery allergy eyes, it went nowhere. I can even tightline with it.


I used up some peripheral makeup stuff. I use a disinfecting wipe on my brushes and to clean up my hands, etc afterward. The brand really doesn’t matter much.

I bought the Smashbox primer water right after it came out. And promptly regretted it. My skin didn’t like it as a primer. There wasn’t enough moisture involved. I used it, primarily, as a setting spray but I found that it smelled exactly like a hospital hallway. I didn’t appreciate that at all.

I used up a pack of Simple wipes and a couple of bottles of the micellar water, both of which I love and hoard.


I finished up a few serums. I tend to layer them, thinnest to thickest. There’s usually a vitamin c serum, a hydrating serum, and I rotate out the third depending on need. Garden Girl’s Superhero Serum is one of the latter. It is jam packed full of good stuff and my skin seems to like it. It smells a little bit like Flonase, though, as Janie-cat can attest to!

I also used a sample of the SKII essence cream. It’s not watery like the essence itself and it contains silicone which I try to avoid in my night products. So I used it as a primer and enjoyed it that way.

Mad Hippie has been my vitamin c serum of choice lately. Over time, my skin has been getting used to the serums I had been using, and this one is just the right strength. It gives me the slight flush of a product that’s doing something without burning the crap out of my skin. (Avalon Organics, I’m looking at your toner.)

The last serum I finished was the Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion. It had a slightly oily consistency, but absorbed right away. I had some flaking for a week at first, but that eventually stopped.


I finished off a sleeping mask. This saved my skin last winter, and I found that it’s light enough to use in the summer as well. It’s rather expensive, but it lasted almost 9 months.


I was really sad about this one because I love Garden Girl products. I bought it back in the spring and noticed a difference in my undereyes right away. That never happens. As the summer progressed, I began having trouble with puffiness, itchiness, and dryness. I narrowed it down to to the eye cream. I think the reaction seemed to happen when I was in the sun more than usual. (Yes, I was SPFing.)


I finished up some nail and hand care stuff, too. First off, is my most-used, most-loved stamping polish. I have never found a white to work as well as Konad’s. I cracked into my backup and will be stalking the site for a sale to replenish.

I used the last of Zoya’s Remove +. It’s expensive. I know. I don’t use it for anything other than to remove glitter polish. I don’t know what it is about the formula, but it works better than straight-up acetone for glitter for me.

I used the last of a Tony Moly peach hand cream that I got in a Beauteque bag. It smelled divine, but it felt a bit sticky.

I let go of a pump dispenser that stopped working, as well as a bottle of scented top coat that I had been using to swatch with.


And finally, I’ve decided to let go of a couple of shampoo/conditioner sets. I have thigh-length wavy, fine, dry, easily tangled hair. I also avoid silicones. The Andalou Naturals smelled lovely, but didn’t provide enough hydration.

On the other hands, I loved what the Shea Moisture did for my hair, but it smelled so strongly and the scent was so pervasive, it lasted through several washings with other shampoos.

That’s it for September! I’m excited I used up so much, but it’s a bit overwhelming all in one post. I may have to split it up next time!