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Friday the 13th, Broken Nails, and the Great Fast-dry Top Coat Battle

I have been a great big grump most of the week. I might go kaboom the next time someone barks the words “tax” “form” or “instructions” in any configuration or context.

There’s also nothing like having to Scotch tape your blouse to your boobs to keep from flashing patrons whilst working in the stacks. Fat girl problems. The struggle is real.

The looming holiday isn’t helping my mood any. I am the Grinch of Valentine’s Day amongst my group. Not because the Hubster isn’t sweet and thoughtful. Because he is. I don’t even object to setting aside a day to societally celebrate love. But what I hate is the mass-produced compulsoryness of it. You must celebrate the same way, get and give the same gifts. Tuesday morning, I will see at least twenty different women wearing the same necklace that Kay’s has been advertising on TV for weeks. It’s a bit depressing, actually.

And then I broke some nails. One of them twice. In one day. This takes talent.


Even on ratty nails, this holographic is mesmerizing!

So I cut all of them off. Which is just a really good opportunity to wear all my very dark and very bright polish. There may even be some galaxy nails involved. Oh yes.

And then Friday the 13th happened. I don’t know why,┬ábut I always have good days on Fridays the 13th. For instance, this year, The Hubster got news of his raise at work, I hit all the green traffic lights everywhere I went, patrons were generally cheerful and nice, which is not usually the case on a typical Friday. My Rainbow Honey bag and the KB Shimmer box both came. It felt like all the good little things that usually occur over the course of the week waited until Friday. I will totally take it!

This weekend, we’re going to avoid the V-day revelries, do a little work around the house, and I will enjoy President’s Day off with a little shopping and a good book. So exciting, I know.

Around here next week, I’ll probably talk a little about those indie polishes. There will be swatching, although I may take a bit of a break until I get some nail back. I’m a couple weeks ahead anyway. And Ipsy will probably be happening. (The more I think about it, the more I want to cancel and try something different.)

I’m also planning a battle of the fast-dry top coats and will start testing next week. (If there’s one you want me to include, let me know! I’ve got Sally Hansen Insta-dry, Out the Door, Seche Vite, KB Shimmer’s Clearly On Top, HK Girl, and Superchic Laquer’s Marvel. All new bottles.) Now I just need to decide which polish I like well enough to wear weekly for a while that is versitile enough for me to stamp over.

Project Polish 2015

I have a lot of nail polish. Hundreds of bottles. I destashed some last year and passed it on to family and friends, only keeping things I really like. And still, hundreds of bottles.

I like glitter. What can I say?

While I won’t stop acquiring polish unique to my collection, I also don’t want the ones I have to go to waste or remain unused. So I am embarking on a small project polish this year to see if I can use some of it up, concentrating on the colors that I have a lot of shades of: blues, purples, and pinks along with base and top coats.


From left to right, firstly we have Out The Door fast drying top coat. It’s an average one at best – comparing it to Seche Vite or my new favorite Clearly On Top, it doesn’t dry as fast, smudges nail art, and doesn’t have a very glassy texture when dry. I have been using it as a barrier between base color and nail art in case of mistakes.

Next to that is Julep’s Ally. It’s a beautiful electric blue. I’ve been using it as a nail art base and as the second layer of galaxy art. I will be sad when this one is gone!

Next is O.P.I.’s Glitter Off base coat. I’ve tried this as a base coat and didn’t like it for that purpose. I didn’t have staining, but the glitter didn’t peel off any easier than it would without it. Thick coats, thin, with another base coat, without. What it works really well for is keeping polish off the cuticles and surrounding skin when stamping or sponging. Its properties are exactly like Elmer’s glue, so once this is gone, I’m going to use that.

Finally, there’s Julep’s Reagan. It’s a beautiful bright pink one-coat cream that I use as both a base and for art.

Although it takes a long time, it’s not impossible to finish up a color. Even a standard 15 ml. These Juleps are smaller – 8ml. I feel the value is comparable, though, as most 15ml polishes require two or more coats for opacity and most of my Juleps and Zoyas are one coaters. I will cycle in some of my 15ml bottles as I use things up!