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Carpe Denim – KB Shimmer


The fall KB Shimmer collection is out! I may or may not have purchased the whole collection. Of course I had to try the blue glitter first. (Because, blue glitter!!!) This was lovely! The brand’s jellies keep getting better and better. It had a smooth, easy formula, and I got this depth and opacity in two coats. Which is not typical for jelly glitters in general.

I’ll be wearing a few more of these in the next couple weeks. There’s a gorgeous dusty blurple cream that I want to try next, a couple of fun crelly glitters, and a red cream that seems pigmented enough that I’m going to test out for stamping.  (I have yet to find a red that works well!)

Stoked and Cloaked For the Bifrost – Superchic Lacquer


This is a sheer orchid jelly with a blue holographic shift and fine holo glitters. Opaque in 3 coats. Comes off much more pink on the nail than it does in the bottle and the blue shift is all but lost. Formula sometimes drags on dry coats and causes bare spots, but it’s workable if you’re careful. However, the polish has incredible depth and is well worth the time and trouble.