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Mask Monday -PTR, K-beauty, and Sephora

So, the gigantic monthly posts of product reviews seemed like a good idea when I started the blog, but they were getting a bit too long. So I’m splittin’ ’em up!

I have some masks that I used up last week that I really wanted to talk about. First up is the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask.


This was awesome, but very strong. A year ago, my skin wouldn’t have been able to take it, so if you’re sensitive you might need to work up to it. I wouldn’t use it in the morning because it makes me flush a bright crimson that takes a few hours to subside. I’m pretty ruddy anyway, but there’s no covering up that kind of redness! In the morning, my skin was soft and I did have a little bit of flaking that wasn’t sustained. A quick wash got rid of it.

I use 2-4 sheet masks a week, and I’ve found that I’m not too picky. I prefer sheet masks because I can wear my glasses (and usually one of those silicone masks covers), and do other things while the masks works its magic.


I would recommend the Sephora masks for anyone who can’t find big enough masks. I had excess on the edges. Having said that, I probably won’t buy more and I don’t like them more than less expensive ones I find on Amazon or get through Beauteque.

Speaking of Beauteque, I’ve gotten a lot of these money-style masks by Urban Dollkiss through that subscription and I really like them. They’re thin and stick to the face well.

And finally, Face Q It’s Real Aloe Soothing mask had a similar sheet style and was, indeed, soothing. It had enough essence left in the pouch for me to save and reuse.


I don’t like full-face hydrogel masks, but I don’t mind the patches. I don’t feel like the Tony Moly patches did much for my cheek redness, but the Sally’s Box lip patch felt wonderful

Yeah, I mask a lot. But I feel like my skin is much better off for it. I hope to be back next Monday with more masking goodness!