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De-Stash & Trash – Stuff for the Eyes

I love doing my eye makeup in the morning! And when I finish a pan of eye shadow, I squee. Just a little. We must remain dignified, you know.


Like most of us, I go through these types of colors a lot. Wet & Wild’s Brulee has a better formula than its analogs in most of my palettes. I use it all the time, and always have a backup.


This eye primer took me a whole year to use up, and it was fantastic. It had a thicker formula. A little goes a long way. I could tell the difference between days I used this and days I didn’t in terms of pigmentation and longevity of powder shadow. It can hold its own when compared to the likes of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, which is what I’m using now. I will absolutely repurchase this!


Last Christmas I purchased a limited edition set of Skinny Smoldereyes by Tarte. I just finished the one in Onyx, and I really liked it! On my eyes, these star to break down after a few hours. This one lasted all day on my lids if I set it with a powder shadow. It felt wonderful going on, and didn’t irritate my eyes when used in the waterline or tightline. Not too bad, Tarte!