Skin Care Sunday – More Serums!

I use a lot of serums and essences – my skin responds to layering. I usually apply an essence (or wear a sheet mask), and use a vitamin c serum and a hydrating serum minimum.


I bought this based on really good reviews from other bloggers and vloggers and I didn’t really look as carefully at the ingredients as I usually do. When I opened it to start using it, I was smacked in the face with the smell of alcohol. It smelled and felt exactly like using Purell on my face. I didn’t notice any excessive drying so I used it all up, but this has gone on my “nope!” list.


I purchased this in a kit last year that cost just as much as this sized bottle alone. It was expensive. But it was my birthday, dammit, and what’s the point of adulting if you can’t splurge once in a while? This took forever to get through. Long enough that, if you really like the product, it’s a good deal. For me, it was just okay. I liked the watery texture. I almost put it in a spray bottle more than once. (I don’t know what stopped me except for guilt at not following directions.) In four months I didn’t notice any change, positive or negative, in my skin. While I don’t precisely regret this purchase, I’m still on the hunt for my holy grail essence.


Ipkn New York is  K-beauty brand that hits Haute Look once in a while. I actually enjoyed this serum, which works best when mixed into other products. But I hated the packaging with the burning passion of a thousand suns. The serum was very thick and someone at Ipkn decided the best delivery system for a thick gel was a dropper in a long bottle. The dropper didn’t work for long. After a few days, I got desperate enough to open the bottle and try to shake some out. None of my beauty spoons worked. I gave up. I would totally buy this again if they changed the packaging to a pump or even a pot. But this experience made me wary of Ipkn in general.

And now for a quick montage of repurchases I’ve finished and will probably repurchase again!



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