Sample Saturday – All of the things!

I have been traveling!


We were freezing at that O's game, but it was worth it when Manny hit that grand slam! Also, crabcakes, giant wire mosquitos, and random hot air balloon launches all are what Maryland is about. Mostly.

I used a crap-ton of samples while I was gone, so this will be at least two parts.


I get really dry when I’m traveling. Especially in the winter and spring. I used this on dryer parts of my face and mixed it in with an eye cream that just wasn’t doing the job. I really liked it, but I’m not convinced that it did more than other less expensive oils I’ve used.


I tried out a packet of Josie Maran’s Pure Argan Milk a few Sample Saturdays ago, and suspected that I might like it despite the separation of the product. I was right! I used it as a hydrating serum for a couple of weeks. This larger sample allowed me to shake it up. It sunk in right away, didn’t feel heavy or sticky, and wasn’t too much under moisturizer. This may be a good one to pick up for fall and winter next year.


I haven’t had huge success with Fresh, but this serum wasn’t too bad. It didn’t burn or do anything weird to my skin. It seemed to work well with other serums as well. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t over the moon with it either. Meh?


Fresh is on a roll! This also wasn’t terrible. I used it as a day moisturizer. It wasn’t super hydrating, but the SPF I use is so this didn’t have to pull all the weight. I don’t think I’d purchase, but it wasn’t bad!


The Tartiest Lash Paint mascara was very good. I got some good length and a little volume, but I didn’t like it quite as much as my favorite Lights, Camera, Lashes. The tube of the sample didn’t unscrew, but snapped together. I didn’t keep it open for very long because I was afraid that this construction would make it easier for air and bacteria to get in there.


I really enjoyed the Agave Lip Mask. I used it at night and woke up with most of it still on. The red one had enough of a tint to it that I felt really silly wearing it to bed, so I didn’t finish that one.

I think we’ll stop here for now and pick this up next Saturday!


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