Mask Monday – Mostly Beauty Friends II

Well, the peeling from last week’s Baby Foot Mask began a couple of days ago. So yucky, but totally worth it! Especially since we’re heading into that pre-spring time of year here in the South where we end up having all the seasons in a single week. It was 71 degrees here yesterday! I may pull out my sandals, just in case!


Monday, I used My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol mask. It’s intended for oil control and pore care, but I found it to be moisturizing as well. And it smells very pleasantly of apples. Like the rest of the My Beauty Diary masks I’ve used, this one was drippy. The sheet was thin, though, and adhered well to the face.


Unless I’m struggling with a specific skin concern, I usually hit up to choose my masks. This week, I ended up with two from Beauty Friends II that way. The first was tomato…


…and the second was kiwi! These I didn’t like as much as other brands. There was plently of extra essence, and they both smelled like the fruits on the packages. The sheets were not meant to be used on a chubby face, that’s for certain. Width-wise, they barely extended past the outside corner of my eyes and I had a lot of extra space at the hairline. With some creative folding and a silicone mask cover, I got them to stay on.

The tomato, I didn’t find to be that hydrating. In fact, my skin felt rather dry once the essence was absorbed.

I just took off the kiwi mask, and it feels very much the same. I got these in a Beauteque Mask Maven subscription, and was the first brand I didn’t like. I probably won’t be seeking these out on my own, and will probably pass on any I do get to some of my more oily-skinned friends.


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