Skin Care Sunday – Indie & Organic


I use cuticle oil like it’s going out of style, but it takes so long to get through a container! I have them stashed everywhere! I kept this pen in my purse and used it throughout the day. Raspberry Vanilla is one of my all-time favorite scents.


I was a little afraid of this serum at first! I had tried out the Avalon Organics vitamin c toner last year and it burned the ever-loving crap out of my skin. Despite having used other vitamin c products since then, I was still a little sensitive to this. But it was tolerable! By the time I was through with the bottle, I was only feeling a slight pleasant flush. I loved the orange scent.


I have cancelled my Rainbow Honey subscription, but I have quite a bit of backstock to go through! Their lotions are very moisturizing and sink in fast. I definitely think they’re worth the spend! Especially for someone looking for ‘cone-free creams. Some of their fragrances aren’t for me, though. I never really took to this one. It didn’t give me a headache or anything, but it had a fresh, yet old lady-like quality to it, that I couldn’t quite pin down.


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