Sample Saturday – Some Daytime Serums

I layer a lot of skincare at night. At minimum, I have a vitamin c serum, a hydrating serum and moisturizer. Most of the time I have a third or fourth serum in there depending on what they do, sometimes an essence and/or a sleeping mask. Since I don’t use silicones or items with a high alcohol content at night, most of my serum samples get used during my less complex morning skin care routine.


I really liked the Truth Serum. This sample took me a few months to go through. It smelled like oranges, wasn’t sticky, sunk in well, tingled just a little to tell me it was working, and sat well under moisturizer and makeup.


This one smelled straight-up like alcohol, which shouldn’t have been a surprise because it’s second on the list of inactive ingredients. It didn’t negatively affect my skin, but I moisturize very well. I won’t be trying this one again and wouldn’t recommend it.


This one was just okay. It had a strong fragrance. Lots of high-end brands do, unfortunately. It had a slimy texture. I didn’t see a change in my skin, good or bad. So it didn’t hurt! But I’m not sure it helped.


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