Sample Saturday – SPFs

I’ve had a historic problem with sensitivity to sunscreens. I’ve been trying out a few, paying attention to ingredients and how my skin reacted.


First up is Clarins. Its primary SPF is a physical one, which I usually seem to respond well to. I did have a bit of a tingle upon first application, but it didn’t burn. It was light and it sat well under makeup. I would definitely use it if I got my hands on it again, but I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy it full-price.


This burned as soon as it made contact with my skin and began balling up almost as fast. If you are any sort of sensitive, I would totally skip this.


Benefit’s also burned, but the texture of the lotion itself was very nice.


This was my favorite. It’s a light lotion with a faint citrusy scent and a physical SPF. It was also moisturizing enough to use as a standalone moisturizer in the morning and didn’t interfere with makeup. None of the above really did that for me. I missed it when it was gone, and bought the full size as soon as I could afterward. So yay!

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