Sample Saturday – Baviphat, Jack Black, and Josie Maran


This was a sample of the Baviphat Peach All-in-One Peeling gel. I got it in a Beauteque bag a few months ago. This cutie was a mini size, so I only got a couple of uses out of it.

I’ve used peeling gels before, but this one was different. You apply it to a clean, dry face and rub. Eventually, it’ll start to ball up. With your dead skin. Gross! But effective!

I wasn’t sensitive to this at all. Once rinsed off, my face felt very smooth and soft. And it smelled of peaches.  Bonus!


This turned out to be a fantastic daytime moisturizer. The SPF gave me a slight flush, but it didn’t last. I may put this on the list of full things to try.


Now this turned out to be an immediate fullish-size purchase. (There are different sizes available.) It was very moisturizing, smelled quite citrusy, and it has physical spf, which means I can put it on over serums in the morning.


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