De-stash & Trash Skin Care – October 2015

Today’s D&T is brought to you by all the things you’ve seen before in these posts!


The Simple wipes are the only ones so far that don’t hurt my face; I like their micellar water better than Bioderma; I love Garden Girl skin care but Bright Idea is so thick I have to cut it with some oil; I used up bottles of acetone and non; and finally, I switched out my Clarisonic brush. This was the sensitive one.


I ended up with some fragrence samples. I rarely can tolerate mainstream purfumes, and these were no exception. Instant headache.


I got this cleansing water in a Beauteque bag. My skin didn’t like it at all, and it wasn’t as effective as a micellar water for eye makeup removal, so I didn’t finish it.


I love the scent of this body wash.  It does smell exactly like a lemon cake!


I stumbled over this and another Hyaluronic acid gel in the Walgreens clearance aisle. I loved this enough to repurchase at full price. It’s a thin not-quite-water consistency that doesn’t mess with the other things I use on my face at night.


Okay, I know. This is completely unnecessary. But I ordered this to see what the fuss was all about. I hate it that I like them as much as I do. Let’s be clear: these fancy cotton squares don’t work any better than any other similar products. But they are so soft. There’s no texture, no random scratchy bits. They bring just the slightest bit of luxury to my nighttime routine. Do I need them? Nope. Do I want them? Absolutely.


And finally, some samples! I knew I liked the Burt’s serum. I’ve already been through a full size of it.

I really enjoyed the eye cream, but I think they may have discontinued this. I went to order it and found a new face and eye cream combo that contained dimethicone as its second ingredient. Which is something I have cut out of my nighttime routine. Sad now!

And I used the Mizon gel cream as a primer under makeup and it worked really well!

That’s it for skin care! Except for masks, which get their own post upcoming!

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