Pan That Palette Update – March 2015

Three months in, and I’m beginning to hate the sight of the darned thing. I have been rotating other single shadows and small palettes in, and concentrating on one shadow in this one at a time.


I have hit pan on Blink 1982. (Woot!) The problem I had with that one is that it’s close to the same color as the only matte mid-tone brown in the palette which is what I use to create my crease. Things got a bit muddy.

Actually, that’s my problem with this palette in general. At least with the way I do my eyes. There are three extremely dark shades that, when applied, create about the same effect on the eye. The stroke, moderato, and presto are too dark to be used as anything but liners in my everyday life. I won’t ever use the green or the silver. So that leaves me with a crease shade, and four mid-to-light shadows that I probably won’t ever use together.

I have to get more creative.


I did end up depotting the cream products and cleaning that part of the palette. It was just getting too icky. I particularly love the shade on the left, which is very reminiscent of my days as a teen in the ’90’s. (And yes, it is weird to be vintage now. But hey, my old green cargo pants from college are cool again. Who knew?)

I’ll keep plugging away. I would love to hit pan on the pink shade, Three Eye Blinded by the end of April. It’s almost invisible on the lid, so I might use it as a kind of top coat over other shadows.

We will be traveling at the end of the month. (Woot again!) I have been careening toward burnout at work over the past couple months, so some time away from it and just daily life in general will be a relief. I will not be taking this with me. Maybe that’ll be motivation to use it, since I’ll lose almost two weeks on the project.

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