Project 10 Pan 2015 – 2 Month Update

After my second month of panning, I now know why so many people work with a deadline. I don’t think a year-long rolling project is going to work for me. First of all, I like deadlines. I enjoy having a target to aim for. I know this about myself, so why I didn’t start with the deadline method is beyond me.

Second of all, I’m getting bored and want to play with the rest of my collection. (Because, honesty!)

So, I think I’m going to adjust a bit.

I’ll keep Pan That Palette going all year. That one naturally lends itself to supplementing with other things as I finish shadows up.  For Project Pan I’ll finish out the month without rolling new products in as I finish. That’ll be the end of quarter one. I’ll keep Project Product going through quarter two. Quarter three will be another Project Pan and four will be a product.

I think this will work better for me!

I decided to keep this month’s update simple since so many of the products are the same.


First up are the face products!

1) Trucking right along with the Andalou Naturals BB Cream. It’s difficult to tell exactly how much I have in there since the packaging is opaque, but I settled on the level after some tapping and squishing.

2) I transferred the Cover Girl Clean foundation into the cleaned and sanitized air pump bottle the NYC peptide serum was in. The triangular bottle and thick consistency was making it a messy pain in the butt to use. I’m still mixing it with a drop of oil and applying it over the BB cream, and that seems to work for my skin.

3) The Rimmel Match Perfection concealer stopped dispensing. I cut the tube open and scraped out the leftover product. It should last me another few weeks at least! (I have to admit, I bought another one of these today. It’s a dependable concealer, and I have a couple untrieds.)


4) I think I’ll be using this Meow Cosmetics mineral eyeshadow sample until the end of time. It takes so very little on the brush to get color payoff. I’m really enjoying it!

5) Better Than Sex mascara smudges and transfers on me so immediately and severely that it looks like I’ve been having some. I’ve been able to use this under a tubing mascara and that lets me get through the day without it melting down my face, but at the sacrifice of the wonderful things it does for my lashes. And I have two more sample tubes of this stuff.

6) Milani eye primer. Does the job and does it well!

7) I finally sharpened the eyebrow pencil! The beauty mark has never looked better.

8) Tough as Taupe. *sigh* Still struggling with this one. Especially since I bought a new Color Tattoo and was subsequently reminded what the actual texture of these is supposed to be like. I think I’ll try the saline-and-microwave trick. If I still hate it at the end of this project, it shall be de-stashed.


9) I’m enjoying the Julep gloss more than I thought I would. It’s a little too light, but sheer enough. Sticky, but not too sticky. I might consider getting this in a slight deeper shade.

10) And finally, I’m rotating in another lip balm. Burt’s Bees with coconut and pear. I got a four pack from my lovely sister-in-law for Christmas, and I want to get to work on them since they’re natural.

Finished Products
Rainbow Honey Lip Balm
Nyx dewey finish setting spray
Korrres face primer
Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame rollerball


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