Pan That Palette – 1 Month Update

We’re moving right along on the Pan That Palette challenge!


This is where I’ve been living this month. As predicted, here’s a nice little dip in Adagio. It matches my skin tone, just like W&W’s Brulee, so I use it from lid to browbone as a blending aid. Allegro’s been my go-to in the crease with the sparkly pink Blink 1982 on the lid. The Stroke’s been working as an eyeliner.


I’ve used all the shadows except for Lead Zeppelin. It’s not at all the right shade of green for me, and honestly, if it’s the only shadow left at the end of this, I’ll consider this project a success.



I’ve been cracking into the cheek & lip products since this is the reason why I chose this palette to begin with. Milly, obviously, being the favorite. Cream blush is best for me this time of year, so I should be done with these in a few months.

I’m sure this will have been the easiest month. I’ve been rotating in some other palettes to give me more options than just these. As long as I’m using the Balm Jovi, too. So far, I’m not getting too awful bored.

We’ll see what happens next month!

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