Pan That Palette 2015

My Pan That Palette project for 2015 is….



The Balm Jovi palette!


I actually really enjoy using  this one. It’s all inclusive with face products as well as a good selection of neutral eyeshadows. The inclusion of the cream products was ultimately why I chose it because those will get gross faster than the powders.

I will probably end up using Milly and Vanilly as both lip and cheek items and then move on to the blush once the creams are gone.  I’ll end up using the highlighter as an eyeshadow too.

Of the eyeshadows, I predict Adagio will be the first to go. It’ll replace the Wet & Wild Brulee I usually use to blend with. The black will take the longest. Smoky eyes look hysterical on me, so black is usually relegated to liner status.

I’m sure I’ll be thoroughly sick of looking at the thing by 2016 but I plan on using it in conjunction with other shadows and palettes so I won’t be hemmed in to just these all the time. We’ll see how far I get!

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