Projects Pan, Product, Polish, and Palette 2015

I acquired a lot of makeup and skincare products over the last year.  I’m not going to pretend I don’t like to shop for girlie sparkly things.  I totally do!  But a couple of years ago, I went through a major change in my skin.  It went from oily to dry in a matter of months.  So I had to figure out how to deal with a new skin type.  I did some experimenting with a lot of new products.  It affected, obviously, the skincare I use but I also had to take into consideration the way I use cosmetics as well.

My skin is in a more normal, happy state these days, but I several drawers full of products that were not ideal, didn’t work the way I thought they would, I didn’t like at all or I didn’t really need but I bought anyway because they were pretty and I wanted them.  (No apologies!)  I don’t want to waste something I paid good money for.  So I decided, for 2015, to make a concentrated effort to find ways to make use of everything in my collection and to use products up.

The rules for these four projects will be as follows:

  •  This is not a no-buy.  I know now what kinds of products work for me and what doesn’t and no longer need to experiment.
  • I don’t have to use the product for its intended purpose.  Concealers as primers?  Yeah!  Bronzer as eyeshadow?  Why not?  Some items will require some creativity because I can’t use them the way they’re supposed to be used.
  • I can give up on a product as long as I exhaust every possible use option.
  • I can give up on a product if it begins to smell, dries out, or exhibits other signs of spoilage or states of being that prohibits use.
  • I can give up on a product if it is harmful to me.
  • Once I use up a product, I will celebrate and rotate another one in until the end of September.  At that point, I’ll make a push to finish everything in the project before the end of the year.  (The Palette, of course, is exempt from this.)
  • I will use a product until it is reasonably used up.  I will do my best to make use of every last bit, but I don’t have to potentially injure myself or spend a lot of time cracking into packaging to do so.
  • I will post progress reports here every 2-3 months or as needed.

5 thoughts on “Projects Pan, Product, Polish, and Palette 2015

  1. starfish

    That sounds like an ambitious project, but fun nevertheless 🙂
    When I went through my small stash of make-up last year I discovered some ancient eyeshadows and other stuff dating back to school days when a cheap drugstore had opened and I decided to buy crazy colours like dark glittery green and some pinkish purple (watching a lot of “The Tribe” is to blame). I decided to get rid of most of the stuff for good – old, funky, full of toxins, and some time back I decided colourful make-up just isn’t for me, as is most liquid stuff (which also never ever comes in my skin tone). My skin is so sensitive now I can’t even use my trusty natural powder without risking a break out, so all kinds of make-up are now reserved for special occasions and photos. Maybe one day soon I’ll find the motivation to finally write that post about the handful of products I still own and use …


    1. Mel Post author

      I know what you mean! I had a couple of “what the heck was I thinking!?” moments going through the collection. Especially with the eye makeup.

      Definitely write it! I think more of us sensitive-skinned girls should talk about makeup and skin care! Same thing with hard-to-match skin tones. I’m so pale, it’s hard to find anything that matches!


      1. starfish

        I’ll try to remember to take pictures of my stuff during daylight hours soon!
        Most days I don’t even bother to look at make-up anymore, I just put coconut oil on my face and decide I don’t have to cover it in paint if men don’t even have to cover up all their zits, ha! Playing with hair and nice ribbons on the other hand turns me into a giddy girly-girl every now and then. And I totally I know what you mean – I’m so pale I can use cornstarch for powder in winter!


      2. Mel Post author

        Hair is so fun! I discovered Youtube hair tutorials a couple years back and it opened a whole new world for me. I have no imagination beyond the braid, bun, pony rotation and now I can actually utilize the length!


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